One of my saviors after my encounter with the Briarwoods, Zhen is a blind, devout monk under Shankhil, the god of the sun.


Zhen trained as a fighting monk with his brother, Zhang, in the same monastery. Zhang was the better of the two. Zhen was good at drinking, and because of that he seems to remember that he told someone of the monastery’s location.

(Whether or not it was because of Zhen that the monastery was burned is still uncertain)

Unfortunately, one day the monastery was burned to the ground with his brother no where to be found. The guilt from being the only survivor made him fling himself off the mountain and survived by landing in water. He then went on a 7 day journey of pure walking. He stared into the Sun and prayed for it to end his life. Instead he became blind and heard doves.

If you wondered how Zhen is such a good fighter even though he is blind, it’s because of Shankhil’s blessing of sight to him. Perhaps it was Shankhil that gave him sight, or something more nefarious. I’m choosing to believe that Shankhil is a god that is on our side in this world, and that Zhen will stay on our side as well.

The birdman that I met that spoke of Evagodron gave him blind sight.


Zhen may be the strongest and quickest fighter I’ve ever met in Marhalla. To face him in one on one combat would be a very bad idea. In all the fights I’ve been in with him, he fights to complete exhaustion, coming close to death in every battle. The only time Zhen seemed to be a human was when he was comically taken out by Lady Stonefist. On the other hand, the soul eater sent by the Briarwoods left him without any memories and in a state of constant nightmares. His screams were absolutely harrowing.

— Deckard


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