Tessera at first glance is an elf. Though, when she wants to be she becomes her true form, a Drow. When she doesn’t want to be either, she becomes a being of pure energy that looks like fire. When she passes through you, it has a healing sensation and in fact does relieve you of wounds.


Grew up in Waleah, a city down south. Drow are naturally evil, but for some reason she is not. So she left the Underdark and grew up with Xander and Methera, a boy and his mother. Tessera saw Methera die. Tessera’s brother came into the scene and chased Xander away, bringing her back to the Underdark.

She seemed to be hated by her family for not being like them, and it took 5 years to escape and the help of Milani — after having a nightmare. She used her newfound magical abilities from Milani to escape the Underdark and never look back.


It is strange to think that a Drow could be as helpful as Tessera. She has saved all of us multiple times and yet takes no chances to destroy us.

(Besides her superfluous use of hitting us with her staff)

I have confidence in her abilities to keep us alive and so I will use my abilities to keep her alive as well. Perhaps it is because I appreciate her, or just self preservation. I have yet to fully decide.

She has commented on my lack of trust for Elves. My constant interaction with three elves of different upbringings, lifestyle, and mannerisms are all very eyeopening. I’m beginning to think that Verton was wrong about many things.

— Deckard


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