Azrael is an Elven Witch that seems to have have trouble of understanding the subtleties of human language. Don’t mistake this for weakness though. She has done horrifying actions and becomes more scary than any monster I’ve faced, including humans. The scariest bit is that she still remains incredibly aloof and energetic in inappropriate situations.


She was born dead in Darkwood. Her father told her that during the burial ritual, he left with the elders but then heard crying in Azrael’s area. The local community believed her to be evil, but her father saw her as a miracle. For 3 years Azrael’s father taught her how to survive this world. Azrael then left to apply what she learned but then returned to never find her father again.


Azrael rose my suspicions immediately. Mainly because of her awkward fashion of interaction with people, even if she is an Elf. However, she is beyond any explanation. Abaddon, a daemon from the plane of Abaddon, manifests itself as a bird and follows Azrael around. The demon seems to be on our side for the time being, and assists in advising our group but it is still in fact a demon.

Besides that, Azrael has survived death. During a fight, we were ambushed by a large and powerful Pale Orc. He had a kill order on all of us and it took us to the brink of death to survive — except for Azrael.

During the fight she was knocked unconscious and then stabbed and thus killed. Though, Abaddon seemed to enter her body and bring her back to life. After that, they also work together in transforming into becoming Death itself. With Abaddon being the horse, and Azrael riding with a scythe.

While a scary sight, they are on our side and I will defend them as they defend me. As for whether or not I completely trust them? I do trust them, but I know that there must be something else to find out. I’m sure when the time is right we will know.

— Deckard


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