Lord Destol Tillrose

The Master Historian


Nervous, shaky, yet professional and efficient, Destol Tillrose is more, or perhaps exactly as he seems.

Standing at a smaller than average 5’8", Lord Destol has longer dirty blond hair, a small beard, and an elongated almost elvish face. While not ugly, Lord Destol has plain features and darting attentive dark brown eyes. He wears not the royal pageantry one might expect, but rather a functional set of adventuring gear, complete with sturdy leather boots and gloves, a practical wide brimmed feathered hat, and a well worn green cloak. He carries the large leather bound tome and quill that one would expect, but also a well made longbow, complete with a full copper rimmed quiver, and numerous trinkets and gadgets befitting one who has traveled quite a ways.

Though appearing meek and near stuttering in terms of his presence in ceremony, Destol performs his duties as Master Histrorian well, taking note of all that is said as well as assuring all proper titles and rights are stated at the royal gathering. However, when the wolves descended on the royal meeting, Destol seemed to almost fade away, not to panic or despair as one would expect by his demeanor alone. Though he didn’t participate directly in the battle, it is clear Lord Destol Tillrose is not helpless at the very least.


Lord Destol Tillrose

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