King Edmure Tarkinian

King of Latun


Aging yet still a wise and valiant man, King Tarkinian is considered by the vast majority of subjects, both for and against him to be a good king.

Despite his age of late 50’s to early 60’s, King Tarkinian still sits proudly on his throne, fitting the role of warrior king in both body and mind. At a taller than average 6’3" and with a muscular physique clearly of a military background, The King of Latun cuts a royal and imposing figure. He has long blond wavy hair, a rugged yet well maintained beard, a heavy beard, and noticeably blue eyes and looks, by all senses of the word, noble. He wears humble royal blue robes, a light well made chain mail, and is always armed with he sword of his ancestors, The Martyr’s Blade.
(The Martyr’s Blade, forged of ancient crystal originating in the Deep Orv)

His prime well behind him, Edmure Tarkinian is no longer the prized admiral of his father’s navy, leading the offensive against the Salt-Blood incursion. However, it is clear a life of combat has left its mark on the King as he personally visits and enjoys each Grand Tournament hosted by Lord Zelakrune’s Grand Arena and is quite proud in his city being home to the premier fighting arena in this side of the realm. So proud of his city’s position as Dorwine’s first line of defense against their sea-faring foes that he has disregarded the tradition of all Dorwinian royalty being guarded by a pair of of representatives of the Mithrial Council, and instead, as a former Grand Champion himself, elects to have his honor guard comprise of the twin Grand Champions Dhurron and Werrum.
(Dhurron and his twin brother Werrum (pronounced Vare-rum))

Despite retaining the heart of the warrior that he is, it is known by a select few that the king is no longer the man he once was. racked by a yet unidentified disease, the king’s strength wanes as each day is a battle to combat the illness that is tearing him apart. His spirit however remains unbroken as all enemies, even illness, will soon find out, the line of Tarkinian is not so easily extinguished.


King Edmure Tarkinian

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