Grand Emperor Baldor Dorwine III

The Emperor


Stern, rational, and radiating authority with every action taken, the Grand Emperor Baldor Dorwine III lives up to his pedigree, despite his age and the enormous shoes his position entails he must fill.

Standing at a non-remarkable 6’1", Baldor has golden blond hair styled in the functional and practical manner commonly seen in those who often wear heavy armor: short, and neatly cropped on the sides and long, pulled back down the center. He has a stern and very handsome face, clearly of royal decent, with a notable deep scar beneath his right cheek. He wears resplendent yet practical golden armor trimmed with black and a red cape and sash denoting his rank of absolute ruler of the largest nation of men in Marhalla.

Baldor Dorwine III is, in every sense of the word, royal. Though only met briefly and recently, he has already proved himself an ally; rewarding the Knights of Tempus for their previous service to the Empire as well as their promised future support by granting them the fief of a yet unnamed castle as well as lordship of the small town called Seywood that surrounds it about a day’s ride south east of Latun. He has also granted the Knights of Tempus a prohibitionary seat on the council of Latun. For whatever reason, Baldor seems to have decided to trust the Knights of Tempus, even lending them the use of one of his Mithrial Wizzards, a half-orc named Zacriel. While his motives are unknown, it is clear that The Grand Emperor is a worthy ally to have.


Grand Emperor Baldor Dorwine III

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