The Blind Captain


When considering Deckard, one could see one of three faces, each distinct and all interesting.

Outwardly, Deckard, or as most know him, The Blind Captain, is a seaman through and through. He is a human of average height and weight with sharp, coal black eyes, dark well maintained hair, including a finely shaped slightly handlebar mustache, and a fair, albeit tanned complexion. He wears a long, captain’s coat, crusted and weathered after spending many a day fighting off the spray of the sea, simple leather breeches, cuffed and sturdy leather boots, and a loose fitting comfortable collard shirt. He carries two odd contraptions, that he calls “Pepperboxes”, that most fail to recognize. Those who realize what they are and what they can do usually do so far too late as with them in hand Deckard becomes a veritable malestorm of flying metal.
However, provided they are not an immediate threat, what onlookers notice next depends on which face Deckard decides to show.

While Masquerading as his somewhat notorious alter ego, the Blind Captain, Deckard wears a loose fitting tattered cape with the hood pulled up, obscuring his face from a profile glance. Across his eyes the Blind Captain wears a frayed grey strip of fabric, the famous blindfold, proving to the world that, indeed, the Blind Captain is among them.

When he chooses to cut the charade, Deckard removes his blindfold and hood revealing a ragged ponytail hanging just below his shoulders and the remainder of his gruff, yet handsome, features. To those unfortunate enough to engage with Deckhard in conversation, the product of his rough upbringing is apparent: Deckard is racist, rude and quick to violence at the slightest provocation. While not intending to kill everyone he meets, it seems as though there is always a reason for him to pull out his Pepper Box.

For the vast majority of people, these two faces are all that anyone sees and Deckard is very careful to make sure it stays that way. However, for the S.H.I.T.s, who have known him like no one ever has before, another side of Deckard has come to surface. While still gruff, to the point, and blunt to a tee, Deckard has displayed that even he is capable of compassion, understanding, and a genuine care for the group that for the first and only time of his life, Deckard considers his friends.


In 4011, he served within the Salt Blood Alliance as a sergeant. After a string of weeks without any raids, Cresten, his first mate, started a mutiny aboard the Blind — Deckard’s flagship.
Luckily, Deckard was only thrown overboard and not killed by Cresten. After barely surviving a cold night in his wet gear, he made his way to Gacot. There he found his way in the Briarwoods’ hands in an attempt to obtain some gold to fuel his quest to get the Blind back.

He would never get his ship back as he was warped 10 years into the future.


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