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A Curious Scroll

DM voice here guys

For those of you who have been in foreign countries, This is what happened in the last two sessions:

After the traumatic events of the Knights visiting Ach-rammahed, Jashin’s sacred re-birthing grounds and Kid’s subsequent departure, Lysav, Tessera, Azreal, Deckard, Raagwulf, and Sammy head in the direction they expect to find the caravan to rejoin their employers. Traveling for a few days through the Tengorn for the most part without indecent, the group agrees to allow Sammy to go on ahead, traveling faster on his own, to find and meet up with his side-kicks Davie and Rove, who would presumably be with the convoy, and return to lead the rest of the Knights back on track to the caravan.

The remaining members continue to make progress through the woods relying on nature knowlege and rations possessed by Tessera and cabins created by Azreal to survive quite comfortably for a full week before discovering an abandoned cabin. As the sun sets and the group confirms the cabin is in fact abandoned, the Knights, rather than destroying the already built and furnished cabin only to build another with Azreal’s Magic, decide to spend the night in the cabin they had discovered.

The next morning, the Elven members (save Sammy) awake and found bloody evidence, including several brutally slaughtered would-be thieves, of Raagwulf and Deckard’s would be kidnapping at the hands of hulking unknown humanoids. Following the clues in the blood around the cabin, the Trio, Lysav, Azreal, and Tessera, find and utilize the Infernal portal required to find the kidnap-ees, paying a price to the The Dark Prince Asmodeus himself in the process.

After quickly defeating a Tribe of local Goblin hunters on the other side of the portal, the three learn from Griphook, their new unlikely goblin ally, that Raagwulf and Deckard had been taken by a number of Trolls and were located in ruins less than a mile away. Following Griphook to the outskirts of the Troll’s encampment, the Trio ambush and slay 5 troll hunters and their chief Grishtashk the Armored, rescuing Deckard and Raagwulf in the process.

After looting the bodies of the trolls (you found 6,000 worth of gold pieces and an + 2 Oversized Black Iron Buckler, by the way) a strange white light the size of a peach shines with blinding intensity for an instant and wicks out of existence, dropping a thick scroll with an ornate golden seal.


This is what was written on it:

End of DM voice

Dear Azreal,

Firstly I do dearly hope this is Azreal reading this but in the case it is not, this story probably would not make much sense.

Firstly, if you don’t recognize my penmanship, I am Rarder of Rarder’s Mystical Quill. This odd gift is my way fixing a mistake I made and pain I caused you.

Lets see, all of this started when I gave you that book, the Lexicon Almanac. I’m ashamed to admit this but I wasn’t straight forward with you about the ancient text.

You see, the Lexicon is an Aboleth text, an ancient and maliciously wise race of monsters skilled in magic. They Zealously hoard and collect all knowledge and place a powerful curse on all texts they create. The curse is a small one but it allows for the hive minded Aboleth to find you anywhere and everywhere you run for as long as the book remains in your possession.

I had heard of the curse and was warned by the man I purchased the Almanac from to not open the text but I did not believe in such things and read the book. The knowledge was plentiful but scattered, fragmented. It seems in a cruel irony the Aboleth made it so the book will only reveal its information to the owner of the text but it wont reveal all its contents to those who bear the curse. As I witnessed one part of the curse happening before my eyes I panicked.

Seeking only to selfishly pass the curse on as quickly as possible, I gave you, the only one in Stobrook that had shown any interest, the cursed tome. I was a coward, and for a long time my life was wracked with guilt and paranoia. I spent a lot of time staring from the docks into the flowing waters of the river waiting for the Aboleth to drag me to hell like I deserved.

It took until I heard a most interesting gossip around the blood bowl about a month after you had left the town: The Shits had appeared in Latun dragging an Aboleth corpse in the water behind their ship! I realized that I was successful in transferring the curse to you and my betrayal was complete. I was free but I had potentially doomed you who had done nothing to deserve the wrath of the Aboleth.

I then made up my mind to right the wrongs I had done and fix my mistake.

The Next morning I set out to Latun to find and tell you everything, as well as take back the curse I had given. However, when I arrived some two months later, you and your Knights of Tempus had left and I had missed my chance. I got, well, rather drunk at a local establishment that night and started voicing my concerns to the fellow on the stool beside me, an odd fellow named Pulfirce. As we began talking, he told me that he knew and was very familiar with a member of the Knights, the man Deckard. He also assured me that he had a piece of metal that was a missing part to an unfinished piece of complex machinery the he was quite certain Deckard had with him.

I had tried scrying your group earlier, before I left Stobrook in fact, but I didn’t get the opportunity to know any of you all that well so I had been up until this point unsuccessful, and Aboleth texts are naturally guarded against divination magics.

However, with Pulfirce’s metal though, I could scry Deckard. I spent the next month or so working with one of Pulfrice’s friends, a man named Einior, to develop this scroll while we prepared the ritual needed to make it work.

DM voice again

the next two passages look incredibly rushed excited, clearly fresh as well

DM voice removed, back to the message.

This morning, the scroll was finally finished and the ritual ready but when I scryed Deckard to Teleport it to you, he was encased in darkness. I panicked and nearly gave up. I have set my self to try again in the afternoon just in-case.

I see him! And Azreal you are with Him! That is a lot of blood. Is that a Troll? Never mind. What is important is this: If you sign your name Azreal at the bottom of the scroll, you will magically pass the curse of the Aboleth back to me. Don’t worry, I am ready to defend myself and it is my responsibility. However, the unique way we created the contract will still make you the last one to open the text. Meaning, from this point on, you will have complete access to all information of the book at your disposal. I am sorry for endangering you or your friends but please sign soon. Else the magic will collapse and all of this will be for nothing.


DM Interlude Again

And now Azreal, it is up to you. Obviously, since this is not in session, I can’t make Azreal’s actions realistically time dependent, so instead you have 24 hours (Days?) to say what Azreal does.


I open the book. – Azreal

A Curious Scroll

Working on it; its currently 1077 pages and counting. Probably will max out at 1200.

A Curious Scroll

… :-0

A Curious Scroll
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