Tales of Marhalla

Silver Star Field Report: Entry IV

Lightbringer's Folly

4021: The Time of End, The Week of Aroden, The Day of Battle

Comrade Wolfsbane,

I’ve been in Latun for several days now, and even within the city walls I can sense the panic which my lycanthropic brethren have wrought throughout the country. Like you and the rest of the Inner Eight, I see grave doom if the wrath of the werewolves is not met with the most glorious of battles. If we are to prevail, we must strike soon, without mercy and fear.

And yet, I have my doubts about this “Super High Intensity Team.” Apparently, they unleashed much of the chaos by freeing the most dangerous werewolves in the realm on a whim. When they stand trial, they will be judged for their crime, but I do not yet believe that punishing these criminals will be enough to stop the werewolf army.

Unlike the Silver Star, the werewolves do not waste time capturing and judging pawns. Their cruelty is swift, their judgment absolute. They will only grow more powerful the longer we wait, until soon there will be no hope. Why, then, has Lightbringer sent me on this fool’s errand? I care not for Vilkus’ orders to divert the adventurers to some insignificant island while the forces of our enemy amass strength and destroy what little I have left to hold dear.

I do not anticipate any complications with the so-called “Shits.” I will perform Vilkus’ errand quickly enough, and when I return to Latun with the Super High Intensity Team, I would have words with you and Commander Brightblade about what we have to do.

I will lay waste to the Werewolf Army. I will unseat the Werewolf King. Or I will die in glory.

Raagwulf Bloodbeard


Jackson_Baldwin larkinz

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