Tales of Marhalla

Trial by Combat
Season 2 Episode 1

The Winter’s Crest festival came to a close and we shared our gifts. It was a joyous occasion with free flowing ale from a tavern nearby the Silver Star base — a place we’ve come to fear.

I received a portrait of myself from Zhen. He used to draw in the monastery, the art is incredibly interesting, and quite new to me. And I did steal a large amount of art in my time. Lysav gave me some metal with a special inscription, I may make this into some jewelry. Kid gave me a bandolier. Raagwulf gave us a token of his oath to kill whomever we want. Azrael gave us a raven’s head imbued with mage armor. Tessera and Caresse gave me new blindfolds.

The day of the trial has come. We’ve broken into our groups and entered the Silver Star building. We followed the Inner Circle across the Avenue of Champions, towards the Field of Battle. However, it was closed that day. That field was blessed with truth and justice, it was also private. Plan B was the Champion’s Arena. A public viewing field in which our trial will become a spectacle.

For the first time since my escape from the Dorwine ship in the the early 4000s, I’ve had faith. Of course I obtain it once it suits me… So how loyal will the gods be to the truth, with me?

The Lord that ran the arena asked us what we were called. We decided we are the Knights of Tempest.

Session Notes
For all of your references

Here are all of my session notes in order. The main reason I’m posting these is so that all of you, if you wish, can write informed point-of-view posts with accurate first party data to help.

Love you guys and have a Happy Holidays!

Session 1: Puzzles and a Twist
• Tessera, Kid, Azreal, Lysav, and Zhen all lie unconscious in a dungeon.
• They are then all simultaneously woken by a light in the center of the room. They all then see a pointed jewel, laying on a pedestal in the center of the room.
• They break free of the cages, collect the jewel and find a way out of the room, fighting their way past puzzles and enemies, eventually finding a lone man, guarded by a demon, concentrating in the center of an energy barrier guarded room.
• Thinking him a threat, they attack the man, killing the demon, and breaking him from his concentration.
• The barriers fall, revealing the dozens of Lycanthropes trapped behind them that then ran past the group out into the night into Tengourn Forrest.
• The man that was attacked, Alinor Mystwind, revealed that he was part of the silver star, and organization that was dedicated to hunting and destroying Lycanthropes, and convinced the group to come with him to Latun.

Session 2: The First Werewolf
• While Kid, Azreal, and Lysav sleep, Tessera and Zhen scout on ahead and happen on a man pulling a large iron cage.
• Looking inside, the two see two tightly restrained humans and decided to attack the man, killing him quickly and quietly.
• They free the two prisoners who they learn to be the girl Caresse and the man Deckard.
• The four continue on to the nearest town to heal and rest, a small riverside town called Stobrook.

Session 3: Stobrook, Fari, and The Bloodbowl
• Waking up, Lysav Kid and Azreal return back to the cave to search for treasure, and, upon finding none, return to Alinor casting a complex spell. Summoning a Roc, Alinor flew the trio to Stobrook who then met up with Zhen, Tessera, Caresse and Deckard.
• The three then found the nearest inn, a larger place called The Sorcerer’s Demon. While enjoying a meal, Deckard, followed by Lysav and Zhen, abruptly left to find materials to construct more bullets. He learned that the closest armory was a nearby shop called Fari’s Extraordinary Armory and set out for it.
• Just after they left, Kid overheard a group of Gnomes complaining about a score that was becoming difficult to secure and in an attempt to win them over, claimed he had a plan to rob Fari’s shop. The Gnome laughed at Kid, saying that the boss of the Thieves guild in the town was Fari himself.
• Meanwhile Deckard and Zhen find Faris shop and ask to see his wares, including his scrap metal.
• Met by an Increasingly rude older Gnome, the man Fari himself, Deckard draws his gun and threatens the man.
• Then man grins, and in a blink of an eye he disarms and nearly kills them both, instead kicking them all out of his shop.
• The two return to the Sorcerers Demon, tell them what happened, and a very excited Kid brings the rest of the group with him, heading back to Fari’s shop.
• Kid, trying to charm and distract Fari, fails to make any sway as Lysav asks to buy what the group came in earlier for.
• When denied, Lysav goes to take the goods as Fari throws a flaming ornate dagger at his hand, pinning him to the table.
• Instead of killing them both, Fair tells the two to fight in the Bloodbowl as a way to make amends and prove themselves.
• Upon arrival, they challenge the current champion, a Halfling Monk known as Lady Stonefist, lose dramatically, and are then challenged by three newcomers to a fight to the death.
• The whole group upon agreeing and entering a fight to the death spectacle, utilized the dagger to land the killing blow on their opponents, three members of the Hand Of Heronious, a newly formed bounty hunters guild.
• The group, upon dramatic victory, declared to all that their group was called the Super High Intensity Team, or more simply the S.H.I.T.s
• They all returned to the bar, bonded with the Barman Tim, and fell asleep.

Session 4: The Drow Cave (Poor Eric)
• The newly dubbed S.H.I.T.s, make their way back to Fari’s shop, victorious, to a slightly impressed Fari.
• He bids the group to go find a shipment of stolen goods, taken from Halga’s farm.
• The S.H.I.T.s make their way south of Stobrook to Halga’s farm, meet with the manager of the estate and are lead to an unassuming cave.
• Fighting their way past traps and dark elves, the S.H.I.T.s end, bloody and injured in a large room and decide to rest there.

Session 5: Astrid, the Mythic Mercenary
• Meanwhile, Caresse askes around, attempting to rejoin her group and meets a notable mercenary by the name of Astrid.
• Astrid and Caresse make their way to Halga’s farm and locate the cave the group disappeared to.
• The remaining S.H.I.T.s find the two and with the whole group, plus Astrid, make their way into the cave for the shipment and are ambushed by another group of Drow.
• After a quick battle, the victorious S.H.I.T.s are then attacked by the Mythic hero Astrid, revealing herself to also be hired by Fari as a means to test the S.H.I.T.s
• Fighting an incredibly close battle, the S.H.I.T.s manage to defeat her and proceed further into the cave, finding Fari’s goods.
• They take the goods with them, out of the cave, and back to Fari’s shop where an impressed Fari allows them to choose three items from the goods they recovered as a reward.
• Kid, displaying incredible persuasion, convinces Fari to train him as Zhen convinces lady stonefist similarly. The rest of the group contracts a man named Rarder to make them business cards, half of which magically burst into doves when touched with both hands.

Session 6: F**king Basilisks
• A few days pass, each of the S.H.I.T.s go to their separate business.
• After training with Fari, Kid askes to become a member of Fari’s guild. Fari responds by saying if he can manage to Steal lady folcey’s Crown, he will not oly make him a member, but he will make him a sergeant.
• They all meet up, save Deckard, at the Sorcerer’s demon. They are met by a young Greg Folcey who askes the S.H.I.T.s to help him claim his rightful place as heir to the throne of Latun.
• The group, deciding how to act, find a very distressed Tim who effortlessly sees through Kid’s disguise.
• He reveals himself to be Timothy Titanbane, former champion of the Grand Arena of Latun.
• He begs the S.H.I.T.s to find and rescue his son, Ron, who has been conscripted by the Lady Folcey to hunt down and kill the young dragon Darmir.
• The group agrees to go after him and heads out into Tengorn forest, fighting their way past a quickly dispatched cyclops.
• Then, while fighting a Basilisk, Caresse and Azreal are petrified by its gaze, turning into stone.

Session 7: The Pale Orc
• Tessera cures Azreal of her petrification and kid attempts to lift a still petrified Caresse out if the tree she had climbed up into, Injuring her arm in the process.
• Lysav heads back to Stobrook with Caresse in tow to find her a healer for her arm and the remaining S.H.I.T.s continue on to find and rescue Ron.
• They confront a troll that, just before nearly killing Azreal, is shot by Deckard who had tracked them down in the nick of time.
• The S.H.I.T.s continue onward and are then ambushed by a group of orcs and goblins, led by a pale orc.
• Quickly defeated, the pale orc, in a last ditch effort, throws his great sword at Azreal, killing her instantly.
• In a rage, Zhen kills the Orc, as Abbadon flies down, into azreal, merging with her and bringing her back to life.

Session 8: Darmir
• The group arrives at the mouth of Darmir’s cave, deciding to camp their, waiting for Lysav and Caresse to catch up.
• Lysav arrives, informing the S.H.I.T.s the Caresse is staying behind to heal.
• The group are then ambushed by an abnormally large basilisk with the ability to turn them into solid gold.
• The S.H.I.T.s defeat the creature and make their way inside the cave, finding a terrified solder named Farton who revealed himself to be part of the group of men sent to destroy Darmir the last time.
• Refusing to help them or go further into the cave, Farton attacks the S.H.I.T.s and is summarily slain after a surprisingly difficult fight.
• The group makes their way deeper into the cave, finding and facing the Red Dragon Darmir.
• The S.H.I.T.s manage to slay the dragon and find a solid gold version of Ron, who they promptly de-petrify with blood of the Basilisk they slayed earlier.
• They return with the head of the Dragon, and rescued prisoners in tow, one of whom still a solid gold statue, to a very greatful Tim.
• The group, deciding to at last trust eachother, share their individual backstories and find that some force has evidently drawn them all together.

Session 9: Elven Thanksgiving
• The elven members of the group head out exploring Stobrook to prepare for Elven thanksgiving.
• They first head to an old ranger’s home in the Slums called Rory to hunt wild turkeys for the meal.
• Lyasav challenges Lady Stonefist to a fight for the right to reserve the Bloodbowl for the night and loses dramatically, getting the reservation anyway.
• Then the trio head to Thalga’s Oddities, a trader in the docks district, to buy other elven memorabilia.
• Along the way, the three hire a Bard named Braum to perform at their ceremony, as well as purchasing fireworks from the Bard.
• They then head to a weapon shop called Cata and Zela’s blades to borrow some elven heirlooms to make the festivities more authentic.
• The trio head to the markets to buy bread, meat and vegetables, eventually challenging the vegetable salesman, a man named Arry Shadowdancer, to a one on one duel between Him and Azreal.
• The three make their way back to the bloodbowl and Azreal loses quickly to Shadowdancer, costing the group a large sum of money.
• They then fight a rematch between themselves and the hand of Heronious, narrowly winning to the delight of an eager onlooking crowd.
• The victorious three lead the onlookers back to the Sorcerer’s Demon, treating roughly a fourth of the town to a beautifully prepared well decorated bountiful Thanksgiving meal.
• The three wake up after a night of drinking and celebrating very early to find that one of the Heirlooms they had borrowed, an Elven Everbloom Rose, had been stolen from their rooms.
• They quickly track down the thief to the inn of the Slums called The Beggar’s Respite, and from there follow clues to find the thief at the docks boarding a ship
• After a quick confrontation, the group recover the Rose, bring it back to its rightful owner, and return to the Sorcerer’s Demon, exhausted.

Session 10: Totally not a Dementor
• The S.H.I.T.s, save Kid, head to the temple of Stobrook to reunite with Caresse and head back to the Sorcerer’s Demon.
• A distraught looking farmer barges in and askes the S.H.I.T.’s help in tracking down and eliminating the bandits who destroyed his farm, to which the group agrees.
• On the way to the farm, the group run into a pair of guards who inform them that they will be well paid if they bring proof of the bandit’s destruction to the guard HQ in the Promenade
• The six find the ruins of the farm and investigate, discovering that the guards went west, deep into Tengourn forest, and immediately follow after them.
• A heavy storm hits and the group decides to take shelter in a cave, confronting the Dragon Priest and his Wyrmling pet that lived there, killing both.
• Group relations stress as the value of life, physical possessions, and inter-group relations are argued, nearly leading to the group’s destruction.
• Shakily held together, the S.H.I.T.s head onward, and are attacked by a Soul Eater, nearly being defeated as Caresse, Lysav, and Zhen find their memories and souls pulled from their bodies.
• Healed by Tessera, the group heads onward, finding the Fortress the bandits had holed up in, assaulting the fortress, narrowly defeating its human and Orc denizens and taking two prisoners.
• After discovering the bloody remains of an old woman in a hidden basement, Lysav stabs one of the prisoners, causing Zhen to walk out, only returning when it became clear he could not survive on his own.

Session 11: Reconciliation
• The group, barely held together, head out of the fortress to return to Stobrook and run into Kid on his way to meet them.
• Intense conversation is held, tears are shed and the group goes through an intense bout of RP.
• They shelter in the same cave they had cleared out earlier, realize they had left their Magic Carpet at the fortress and head back, finding it hidden inadvertently hidden by some of the Fortress’s illusionary defenses.
• They collect the carpet and make their way back, running into a nymph in a magical lake who gives each of them a gift based on their interactions with her.
• The S.H.I.T.s continue back to Stobrook and, Gaining access to the Promenade, collect their reward for the elimination of the Bandits, and return back to the Sorcerer’s Demon.

Session 12: Sparring
• As Caresse finds Rory to train and Deckard continues to craft, the remaining S.H.I.T.s head to The Beggar’s respite to find information on the theft of Darmir’s head which they had discovered was stolen.
• The group reasons that the thieves responsible were most likely an organization called the Red Hand, an organization that the group suspects a Halfling named Sumeyr belongs to.
• Lysav burns the piece of paper she gave him to get in contact with her.
• The group spend the remainder of the day attempting to gather information about the Red Hand and the Promenade, attempting to plan a way to steal Lady Folcey’s Crown at last.
• At noon, back at the Sorcerer’s Demon, smoke begins to pour from Lysav’s fingertips and a skull forms asking the group what they desire.
• The group asks for the dragon head back and the smoke dissolves.
• Bored, the group heads back to the Bloodbowl and spars, Lysav and Azreal versus Zhen and Kid while Tessera observes from above.
• In a close, hilarious fight, the group fights to a near draw, only Abaddon remaining conscious throughout.
• After the fight, Rarder gives the group a copy of the Lexicon Almanac as a thanks for the business a group of visitors looking for the S.H.I.T.s has given him.

Session 13: The Crown
• The group, save Deckard, head to the Docks district to investigate the group from Latun that has come to Stobrook looking for the S.H.I.T.s.
• They discover that the grop had headed to the Bloodbowl looking for them there and decided to head there as well.
• The S.H.I.T.s confront the group led by Freward Dawnstar and learn that the group is made of representatives from the Silver Star that demand the group come to Latun to stand trial for releasing Lycanthropes into Dorwine.
• The group agrees and swears to appear at the trial in 3 days and as an act of good faith, Freward assigns his ranger, Tianna Swiftwind, to act as their guide and escort to Latun as well as an ally to assist in any work they have to wrap up in Latun.
• As last the group, accompanied by Tianna, head back to the Sorcerer’s Demon to finish planning their way into the Promenade, deciding to enter with their new friend Narder, posing as his personal escort.
• The group, one inside, manages to sneak over the rooftops into bushes near Lady Folcey’s keep, sneak their way into the small castle, and eavesdrop on the dragon worshiping ritual being led by Lady Folcey.
• Aided by Tianna, the group surprises the religious Enclave, slaughtering the worshipers instantly, save Lady Folcey herself, and a dififcult battle pitting the S.H.I.T.s and Tianna versus Lady Folcey and her controlled Warforged Guards.
• Nearly defeated, the shits manage to kill Lady Folcey and destroy the central jewel, freeing the two Warforged known as Heirloom and Siege.
• The group free Gregg Folcey from the dungeons below and give him the crown, anointing him Lord of Stobrook.
• The S.H.I.T.s ask to borrow the crown and after doing so, show it to Fari, granting each of them membership into his guild and granting Kid the title of Sargent.
• Immediately following this the group met up with the delegation from the Silver Star and board the Merchant ship heading to Latun at last.

Session 14: Pix
• The group sail down the river, west towards Lake Baldor, to their trial in Latun, accompanied by Freward and his band of Silver Star soldiers.
• While talking to the Silver Star’s Cyphermage, an elven boy named Estolas Magili, the group learns that they have missed years as apparently there was a time-skip ranging from 10 to 1000 years that passed between the time they were taken till now.
• The Silver Star members then, acquiring new orders from HQ, leave the ship and take off into the woods in pursuit of some werewolf, leaving the S.H.I.T.s to journey to Latun on their own.
• Unbeknownst to the S.H.I.T.s, Caresse decides to accompany them and follows Freward’s Party in an attempt to learn Ranger Skills from Tianna.
• The S.H.I.T.s stay on the merchant ship until they are met by Deckard, captaining his newly acquired ship, The Prophesy.
• The S.H.I.T.s board their new ship, meet the Halfling First mate Alstan and head down the river, much faster than on the Merchant vessel.
• The group stops at dusk and meet Gorn, the Prophesy’s massive Shobhad rower, and promptly challenge him to a wrestling match, which lysav loses, and a true wrestling match, which an enlarged Zhen also loses.
• In search of food, the S.H.I.T.s travel into a magical section of Tengourn forest and run into a Pixie that calls itself…pixie that proceeds to harass the group in a playful and curious manner.
• Spotting a Deer, Deckard proceeds to shoot the creature, enraging the Pixie, causing it to call its ally, a large Hippogriff, and to attack the S.H.I.T.s.
• After a surprisingly fierce battle, the group defeats the Pixie and leave her unconscious, as well as leaving her a bloody surprise to remember them by.
• The S.H.I.T.s return to the Prophesy, feast on deer and Hippogriff, and uneasily sleep, seeing the Pixie furiously raging just beyond the tree line.
• The group sets out early the next morning to continue the journey to Latun and enter the Deep Lake Baldor by noon.
• The shits notice they are being persued by a large dark shape coming towards them in the water and they decide to stop and face the creature.
• The creature is found to be an Aboleth and a fierce battle ensues where in Kid, Azreal and Lysav absorb too much of the mucus surrounding the creature and become afflicted by the condition known as Thinskin or otherwise known as the Aboleth disease, granting them the ability to breathe underwater but forcing them to do so.

Session 15: Trials.
• As the S.H.I.T.s the make their way to Baldor Lake, Caresse learns from Tianna as both rangers come across a Dwarven Barbarian known as Raagwulf Bloodbeard leading a small group of Silver Star soldiers.
• Caresse and Raagwulf head back to Baldor Lake to meet up with the rest of the S.H.I.T.s and on the way they find and clear out a Orc stronghold as tasked by the Silver Star.
• After handily destroying all who were there, the two move on a row a small boat back, through the lake, to the sound of a gunshot, hearing the S.H.I.T.s battle against The Aboleth.
• The group re-unites, Raagwulf introduces himself to the S.H.I.T.s, and convinces them to follow his guidance to a small island where he was tasked to take them.
• The group land on the Island and hear a laughing through the mist that reveals itself to be Cayden Cailean, the Drunken god of accidents and Memes.
• The mischievous god transforms all of the S.H.I.T.s, save Caresse, into Dank Memes.
• Confronting the Illusions alone, Caresse re-asserts herself as the undisputed queen of Dank Memes and dispels each of them one by one.
• The group then assaults the Brine Hydra that lived on the Island, beginning and incredibly difficult battle wherein the group is nearly destroyed.
• Barley surviving, an enraged Kid interrogates the exhausted Raagwulf, intimidating him to reveal his secret identity as a Lycanthrope
• The group decide to trust Raagwulf for the time being and with him in tow head to Latun to sit for their trial at Latun.
• Arriving in Latun, the S.H.I.T.s head to St. Cuthbert’s Cathedral, the headquarters of the Silver Star and they meet a man named Vilkus Lightbringer, the man who apparently tasked Raagwulf to take the S.H.I.T.s to the Hydra’s Island.
• The head of the Silver Star, A man named Maximilian Brightblade, begins the S.H.I.T.’s trial by introducing the members of the Silver Star’s inner circle and summons a massive angel, revealed to be a solar to serve as Judge over the trial.
• However, after the testimonies of all 7 members of the S.H.I.T.s and of Raagwulf Bloodbeard, the Solar vanishes, leaving the members of the Silver Star to preside over the trial.
• During the closing remarks, Kid reveals that that had indeed been sent to the Hydra’s Island, angering Brightblade and accusing Vilkus himself, putting him on trial directly after the S.H.I.T.’s trial is over
• After a brief deliberation, the verdict is delivered. Each member of the S.H.I.T.s must fight against the inner circle of the Silver Star individually or in teams of up to three.
• Then during the trial of Vilkus Lightbringer, Master at Arms calls for a trial by combat versus his accusers, to which Lysav immediately agrees.

Some notes.
Season 1

How did I live alone with Abaddon for all of those years? I know it’s only been a couple of weeks (give or take a thousand years…) since Abby and I finally left the Darkwood, but I can’t even imagine going back.

From what I remembered back in Aloden, most people didn’t really want to be my friend. I’ve taken that into consideration as I’ve adventured out on my own. At first it was hard to figure out how to talk to people, since the only one I could practice my social skills on was Abaddon who isn’t a ton of help when it comes to making friends (no offense to Abaddon, but he’s never been very popular among the other forest animals.) That time we met Pallas and Sabirah he was such a grump about it.

I’ve made some new friends. Actually, I think we were all forced into this group. But we’re a family now! My dad would be happy to see that. He always made up friends for me back at home. Now I’ve got some real ones. I hope I can introduce them…

About dad: I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to abandon me now. He wouldn’t have left me notes if that were the case. Thanks dad. I miss you. My sketch of him:

Anyway! My new family is as follows:
Tessera is something called a “Drow” elf. I guess people don’t like them cause she was hiding it from us for a while. She has really cool magic that turns her into a light thing. Here’s drawing Abaddon helped me with:
She has visions of the future and likes to hit Kid on the head.

Kid is a human kid with cool blue eyes. He really likes to talk and make jokes. He’s so young but he really tries to keep our family together. He has a really annoying pebble though. I will steal that pebble from him and destroy it. He sometimes loses control and turns into a dragon man!

will finish this later. im tired…

The Trial in Latun [Season 1 Finale]
Session 16

The Island

With Raagwulf Bloodbeard’s entry to the ship, he mentioned that the Silver Star told us to head to an island. Alstan Greymyre told us the island used to be a naval outpost for the Silver Star. When we arrived, we fought a hydra after experience a strange facial transformation.


We fought the hydra and reached the cusp of death. Caresse proved her fighting capabilities once more to the party.

Once we finished the fight, Raagwulf revealed himself to be a werewolf. We decided to allow him to board and continued onto Latun. The last time I sailed with a dwarf he threw me overboard.

Latun’s Arch

Once passed through the beautiful arch of Latun, I gave Alstan and Gorn their pay as well as some extra to create a new mast and buy us some supplies to make the Prophecy homely. If only there were a captain’s quarters like on the Blind.

If Cresten is still alive….

The Trial

The Silver Star guided us into their room where they conduct their trials. Caresse and I stood as witnesses to the party’s past involvements. Only Raagwulf stands as an unbiased witness.

The Inner Circle

Adis duPontt: Duelist.
Okan Kyuichi: Samurai
Pai Fu-Xia: Ifrit monk
Arwedhen Galandarion: Griffin Rider
Eldor:Gnomish ranger, has a dragon wyrmling.
Haldorth Wolfsbane: Dwarven fighter
Hagrog: Former Orcish Warchief
Del: Female Monk, ringing voice.
Vilkus Lightbringer: Master at Arms
Sir Maximilian Brightblade: Led the trial

Brightblade summoned something from a circle. It was quite tall, carried a golden bow and dagger. It acted as our judge. We later learned it was a Solar. During Azrael’s turn at speaking, she spoke about her encouter with the Briarwoods. She reminded me of Silas Briarwood being a werewolf.

The trial ended as us not being guilty in the conscious effort of releasing the lycanthropes. However, we face punishment by combat on a 3 on 3 with the inner circle for the damage the lycanthropes have committed.

If we survive, it means we are truly not guilty.

Vilkas’s Trial

Upon our reveal of the hydra head, Vilkas was put on trial. We were never meant to go to that island as the Silver Star knew it was the lair of a brine monster. After we discussed our charges, Vilkas challenged Lysav to trial by combat. Their battle comes after our trial.

End Season Finale

The Consequence in Guilt
A Speech by Lysav Morket

“Though we knew not the consequences of our actions in that cave we acted rashly and our decisions have led to the deaths of thousands of innocent lives. One life is sacred, and each lost life to the lycanthrope weighs heavily upon my conscience and my soul. I understand and accept my responsibility to mending these wrongs in any way I can. Though it is not possible to fix the past, I will fight for the future. But in the end, this must be of our [The Shits] accord. I was a slave once to those who claimed ultimate power, I will not be a slave again. I will stand on the side of justice and continue the fight for good, but in the way deemed acceptable by our group in equal discussion with the Silver Star. I beg of you to let us continue on our own trials as the fate of not only this region is at stake, but lands far reaching and spanning as well. The world is a dangerous place full of hidden horrors. Do not make the mistake of thinking these lycanthrope are the end game. They are simply a cog in a far more dangerous machine.

As far as proof, I have none but my word, though I entreat you to search them carefully for their truth, may you find it."

Lysav Morket

Session 15

The Passage to Latun

The year is 4021. With my interaction with this crew, I’ve come to realize I am a man out of time. 10 years has passed since my entry to Gacot and my encounter with the Briarwoods. Is this why the legend of the Blind Captain is no longer much of a legend? Perhaps Cresten has died since then. But more importantly, what has become of my ship?

I feel a sense of betrayal. Though, this is a chance for the Blind Captain to become a good man. I should visit Gacot soon or learn of its situation.

My crew for the voyage:
A halfing, Alstan.
Gorn, Shobhad.

These men are good, and I will personally see to it that I have them on my crew if I ever captain another ship.

The Fens

Alstan warned us to be wary in the fens. As we left the Prophecy for food, we encountered a Pixie. I don’t believe she likes the killing of animals in the forest, however I didn’t know that when I shot the doe.

It was a wonderful kill.

Moments after I shot the doe, I turned to face the party but only saw the damn Pixie screaming at us. I was dazed for a while. When I came to I saw Lysav falling from the sky. A hippograph fell shortly after he did.

We took the dead animals and escaped the magical forest to the Prophecy.

Latun’s Sea

At sea I noticed a 30 foot beast under water. Gorn took us at speeds faster than any ship I’ve been on even at a broad reach. The beast still caught up with us. After a hard battle, we killed the Alobeth – an absolutely horrifying creature that intended to retrieve the book in Azrael’s possession.

Unfortunately, Zhen, Kid, and Lysav came into contact with the Alobeth’s slime. They now breathe water instead of air. I suppose it’s nice to have some more leg room on the ship.

We also decided to tow the Alobeth behind us, I expect that those werewolf hunters will go easier on my friends once they see how capable we are. I think I’ll also spread the legend of the Blind Captain once more.

This time, he’s one of of the good ones. I always heard that justice is blind.

Deckard's Journal


It started with Cresten.

I was in my regular haunt in the northern waters off the coast of Dorwin’s empire. The Blind and I encountered an Elven Merchant ship. I thought we would raid it like any other ship.
(Unknown to me, Lysav Morket was aboard that ship.)

However, my first mate and the crew mutinied against me. I may be a good shot with my inventions, but facing off against Cresten would be an awful decision. So I was thrown overboard. In the distance I saw Lysav’s ship sinking as The Blind sailed away.

(Damn that short Dwarvish prick.)

When thrown overboard I made it to land and on heading towards civilization I was extremely wary as I am a wanted man in the northern coast. Though I did meet two people. Abet Salte, a druid who had a badger, Godman, as her companion. She helped me rest through the night before I made it to Gacot, but in the morning she disappeared.

I could have followed her tracks but I decided to press on towards civilization. I doubt she would have done much for me anyways.

On the road to Gacot, a hooded man surrounded with birds managed to get right behind me without me noticing. He had a strange aura around him. He told me to go to Evagodron when I could. I would later find out that the rest of the people in our party also met a similar man. Zhen believes him to be Shankhil, his god.


In Gacot, I roamed freely without any of the blue tinted, cold steel wearing guards noticing who I was. It was a bit disappointing but I was in no shape to fight a whole town of them anyways, especially after my encounter with the people who ran the town.

There I met an eccentric man who goes by the name of Scanlan. He told me about a city to the north, Anath. Apparently people with strange inventions reside there.

Anyways, I needed money fast to get back my ship. Scanlan asked me to deliver a knife to the Briarwoods. He mentioned that they were wealthy and that’s all the motivation I needed. Upon finding the Briarwoods, I noticed that they lived in the center of Gacot surrounded by defensive magical auras.

The Briarwoods, Silus and Delilah sent me into some sort of strange realm. There I killed a guard that helped me out when I first arrived in Gacot. I still don’t know whether or not I really killed someone that night.

The Werewolf

I woke up in a prison carriage. Next to me lied Caresse. Zhen and Tessera broke us free and we found out we all shared a common experience: the Briarwoods.

Shortly after our freedom, a man with Dorwin bodyguards reached us in the middle of the road. The man noticed the dead carriage driver and mourned. He then transformed into a Werewolf.

We fought with the guards and each other and we barely took him down. Happily, no one seemed to notice who I was.


Many things happened in this town. Firstly, I met the rest of the party that Zhen and Tessera had already met up with. They were all sent into the same prison after their encounter with the Briarwoods. They are Kid, Azrael, and Lysav. Anyways, we fought a dragon, a soul eater, captured a bandit fortress, threw an Elven Thanksgiving, and learned about each other.

The party knows of my past and I know of theirs. We still fight with each other, and I suppose the Elves aren’t as bad afterall. Well, at least three of them.

The Prophesy

Tessera has visions of some sort of prophesy that involves finding certain people. Whether or not it is our duty to fulfill it remains to be seen. I’m not one for destiny, but it is odd that we all met a man talking about Evagodron….


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