The Champion of the Sun


A man of few words (and really bad grammar), Zhen prefers to let his actions speak for him.

Bald and rugged, wearing only tattered robes and a dark strip of fabric around his eyes, Zhen is a truly unique sight. Standing just over six feet tall, Zhen’s monk training is evident as his body and limbs are iron and well defined. His face, strong and bold, is nigh unreadable as his eyes are nearly always covered and his mouth seems to be locked in a perpetual emotionless line. Yet those who know him well know better.

Despite his stoic and impartial appearance, Zhen’s allies know him to be capable of displaying great passion, conviction, and true wisdom when it is needed of him as well as an unrelenting methodical efficiency in battle where, of all places, Zhen seems to come alive.

To the average foe, Zhen seems almost too easy an opponent; what could one fear from a typically unarmed, blind, armor-less combatant? And many of these challengers now lie broken and beaten, defeated by the unyielding and unstoppable monk.

Though slow to anger, when his wrath is Incurred, even the most steadfast and fearless shudder, as the Khutun Monastery avenger has been unleashed.



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