Ron Titanbane

Son of the Barkeep


Hesitant, shy and awkward, Ron is the son of Tim Titanbane and his foremost substitute as a barman. Tall, lanky and stuttering, Ron has a mop of messy brown hair, brown grey eyes, and a pale humble face. He wears simple peasant breeches and a dirty brown shirt that doesn’t quite fit him right.

The group first met Ron when his father was asleep and it was up to the young lad to fill in for him, serving the group well, though perhaps not to as great of an effect as his father. Later however, Ron was conscripted to fight the Dragon Darmir and when he did not return, Tim begged the S.H.I.T.s to go after to him which they promptly did successfully, rescuing the 15 year old boy and earning the undying gratitude and loyalty of Tim and his son Ron.

Though uneducated and nervous, Ron is a bright boy, showing the ability and willingness to learn. Though perhaps not skilled in the battle field, Ron has quite a talent for cooking and his Roasted duck has been a filling and delicious end and beginning to many of the S.H.I.T.s adventures.


Ron Titanbane

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