Lysav Morket

The Half-Elven paladin


Sultry and brooding, yet loyal, convicted, and righteous in his own right, the Paladin of Chalchiuhtlicue, Lysav Morket, has seen the ugly, cruel, and heartless true form of the world and chooses to persist, despite it.

At a tall 6’5", Lysav cuts an imposing figure. Long and dark wavy hair hangs braided down the back of his shoulders and a thin dark beard highlights a strong uncompromising jaw. His eyes, a soft grey-blue, carry a weight with them; the weight of one who has seen far too much and his face, weathered and wrinkled disproportionately to his age, contains more than average scars and frown lines, unsuccessfully covering his rather handsome features. He wears heavy gold, blue and silver Warplate, a white cape, and a savage looking great sword slung over his shoulder.

Upon meeting him, few strangers would name Lysav as a paladin; he seems far too dark, morose, and otherwise negative in his outlook of the world. Yet to those who truly know him, how could he be named anything but? Lysav exudes a passion, a fervor, a conviction that is rarely seen elsewhere as he displays a paladin’s honor and loyalty to those who deserve it as well as a sheer force of will that one would think could move mountains if directed appropriately.

Though far from perfect, Lysav sets forth into the world, wary but ready to do everything in his power to protect and prove his loyalty to his mission, his god, and above all, his friends.


Lysav Morket

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