Lady Stonefist

Halfling Monk Champion


Master to Zhen, opponent to Lysav, and ally to the rest, Lady Stonefist is wise, skillful and passioneate, the reigning undisputed champion of Stobrook’s Bloodbowl.

Standing 2’11" on a tall day, Lady Stonefist is lean and muscular, a monk in true form, with dark strait hair hanging to her mid shoulders and grey-green eyes. She is quite shapely and rather attractive, wearing nothing but green and blue tinted monk robes, thick cloth wrist wraps, and a small string of wooden prayer beads around her neck. However, don’t let appearances deceive, this halfling woman is quite capable of defending herself as the S.H.I.T.s know all too well.

Though first met as an enemy, Lady Stonefist has revealed herself to be a true ally, gracious in victory, and very helpful and kind otherwise.


Lady Stonefist

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