The young sorcerer


Charming, inventive, and ever the optimist, the Sorcerer known only as Kid is far more than he seems.

Where many in his situation would adopt a sultry, cynical, and generally negative outlook on the world, Kid proves that one’s circumstances do not define who they turn out to be. An average sized young man of 16, Kid has messy dark hair, piercing blue eyes, a near constant charming smile. He wears practical and functional street clothes, a rather large leather pack, a dark, hooded traveling cloak, a gold embroidered headband, and a peculiar set of slightly blue tinged contact lenses.

Preferring to talk before coming to blows, Kid has realized that in many cases, words are far more powerful than weapons. That being said, when negotiations fail, Kid is no slouch either. Embracing the latent magic in his very blood, Kid, while barley understanding why or how, regularly demonstrates an arcane mastery rarely seen in one so young. Though occasionally utilizing his magic to unusual, albeit creative, effects, Kid, when determined, threatened, or protecting his friends, is a force to be reckoned with.



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