Haldorth Wolfsbane

Dwarven Recruiter


Jolly and nearly always smiling, Haldorth’s happy demeanor hides a seasoned and expeirenced warrior.

Standing at a standard 4’3", the dwarven warrior known as Haldorf Wolfsbane is burly and strong, even by dwarf standards. He has a thick rust colored braided beard, a heavy brow, and twinkling coal black eyes, creased on the corrners from a life time of laughter and smiles. He wears, even at peacetimes, heavy dwarven plate mail covered with intricate runes and glyphs and he carries a large well used stone hammer that is, even after battle, a!ways polished clean.

Hospitable, kind, and with a weak sense of humor, Haldorth was seen as the most friendly member of the silver star’s inner 8, immediately inviting several group members into his home for a drink of his own making. However as one dwarven barbarian (Raagwulf Bloodbeard) knows, Haldorth is not to be taken lightly. Singlehandedly slaughtering all 19 of Raagwulf’s lycanthrope piers, including his elder wolf squad leader, Haldorth’s joy in life is only matched by his passion and skill in Battle.

Yet dispute this passion, when confronted with the last of the wolves laying before him, broken and defeated, Hakdorth chiss not to kill the dwarf, but to give him a chance to walj a different path.

In any case, Haldorth is a good ally to have.


Haldorth Wolfsbane

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