Orcish Warchief


Huge and imposing, Hagrog is in every definition of the word supremely Orcish.

At a massive 8’11" and 468 pounds, Hagrog is absolutely massive, covered in rippling muscles and long healed scars from a hard life as befitting a former Warchief. With red eyes, large tusks and dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail, Hagrog puts those who have no experience with orcs on edge and absolutely terrifies those who have fought with an orc before. He typically wears nothing save simple loose fitting trousers and a heavy silver belt, yet when heading out to battle, he dons a brutal black stained plate and a ceremonial necklace of bones, and carries with him a massive silver great axe.

Despite his appearance, Hagrog behaves contrary to his nature, usually preferring to let others speak for him and playing the role of silent enforcer. However, in battle his true Orcish blood makes itself clear: Hagrog’s savage raw destructive power is only barley reigned in by Max. Though his reasons for obeying the leader of the Silver Star are unknown, his loyalty to Maximilian Brightblade is unquestionable; if one desires to mess with Max, they will undoubtedly find themselves at the mercy on one very pissed off near giant Orc.



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