The Muscle Behind the Prophecy


Massive and muscled, Gorn is intimidating. Well, at least until you meet him.

Standing Just under 12 feet tall, the Shobhad known as Gorn is a sight to behold. Bronze skinned and massive, the four armed giant propels The Prophecy forward, or backward, with unnatural speed. To all that see him, he appears a menace, a near elemental idol of primal, brute strength.

However, after wrestling with and talking to the Shobhad, the S.H.I.T.s have come to realize he is anything but. Gorn is kind, innocent and childlike, happily doing whatever he is bid, so long as it doesn’t require him to spill blood.

Loyal and hardworking, Gorn takes to the oars of The Prophecy as if it were the only thing he knew, which very well might be the case.



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