Fari Trickfoot

The Gnomish Guild Leader


Rude and abrasive, Fari is an older Gnome who owns and operates a Armory fittingly called “Fari’s Extraordinary Armory.”

Standing at a taller than average 3’6", Fari has grey blue hair and a well maintained beard and mustache. His face however, seems to be permanently locked in a crude scowl as if he sees the whole world as annoying at best.

The apparent leader of the guild referred to in Stobrook as simply “Fari’s Guild,” the grizzled gnome is shrewd and hard to get along with, nearly killing multiple members of the S.H.I.T.s on their first meeting. Since then however, he has proven a helpful, albeit untrustworthy ally providing information, armor, and training to the S.H.I.T.s on several occasions.

Fari is a mystery but sometimes mysteries are better left unsolved; especially if exposing them could lead to the wrath of a very grouchy Gnome.


Fari Trickfoot

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