The Dark Gnome


Silent, stealthy, and rarely vocal, Eldor is the premier tracker and hunter of the Silver Star.

At a diminutive 2’6", Eldor is short even for a gnome. He has coal hair, faintly grey skin, and a large white scar running through his left eye, evidently blinding him. Near constantly wearing his hood up, Eldor’s face is usually obscured by an inky black cloak of shadow dragon hide. He wears a blackened set of silent scale mail, several small, wicked daggers, and a sturdy bow made of dark ironwood, yet his most favored piece of equpment and the most often missed at a casual glace is his shadow dragon wyrmling Gobi. Almost as large as Eldor is, Gobi only wears a crystal eyepiece, similar to the one Eldor wears over his right eye and is never far from the Ranger himself.


Frequently overlooked even when not trying to be hidden, Eldor is a natural master of stealth, blending into crowds and melting into shadows immediately and completely. Blind, save for the sight shared with Gobi via his crystal lens, Eldor uses scent, sound and vibrations in the air to precieve the world and to track and find the enemies of the silver star.

Though his motivations are as of yet his own, he has recently acted as the voice of the Silver Star, sending the Knights of Tempus to eliminate a shared enemy. Regardless of why he does it, it is clear that there are few more apt than Eldor at doing his job.



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