Dol'Zyek Redgar

A half-orc that hates his past.


Although a half-orc, Redgar looks more Orc than his human side. Unfortunately he lacks the restraint and intelligence associated with most half-orcs. As such, he is prone to the savagery that is stereotypical to Orcs.

However, Redgar knows this but tries to change in an effort to prepare himself to become a suitable warchief for the Dogorth Tribe. Since he left his tribe, he has experienced and learned to not take offense to many of Marhalla’s racist folk. He’s done his best to shrug it off, but every now and then, one may hear of an Orc savage perpetuating the stereotypes people have.

Although Redgar’s journey is a selfish act, he does see value in retaining allies. The Dogorth Tribe is led by a collective of warchiefs. Aspiring to become one, Redgar has made efforts to accept opinions from others and follow through with whatever the majority decides. He has a lot of pride for his tribe, and even though he challenged one of the warchiefs to battle it wasn’t in spite of them. Maybe there was some jealousy involved, but it was mainly because Redgar truly believes he could better the tribe.


Born in the Dogorth Stronghold, Dol’Zyek came out as more orcish than intended. Dol’Zyek spent his childhood believing that he would join his kin to lead the next generation. He went through the same training and lessons as the other future warchiefs but consistently did worse than his kin.

By adulthood, Dol’Zyek was pushed into the batch of half-orc rejects and full breeds to become another follower. After a few months of labor, Dol’Zyek challenged one of the newly inducted warchiefs to battle and failed. Ashamed and angry over a situation he could not control, he ran and gave himself his own name: Redgar.

After hearing about the Ten Thousand Exam, Redgar immediately started his journey to join the incredible group of individuals to prove that he deserved to lead his tribe.

Dol'Zyek Redgar

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