Darrak Ammershad

The Drunk Enforcer


Appearing to be an average drunk old man, the 50 something frequently inebriated Derrak Ammershad is much more than he appears.

Derrak stands at an average 6’1" and has at first glance a build one would expect from a man of his age. He has shaggy black hair, a medium length thick beard, and a full mustache. His deep set eyes are cobalt blue and speak of a man who has seen far more than even the most experienced warrior. He carries no visible weapons save a near constantly full bottle of some sort of Alcohol and wears baggy, dirty, poorly maintained clothes. However, as the group knows, his appearance speaks nothing of what he is truly capable of.

First thought of as a random drunkard by the group, Darrak showed his true colors when Kid, in an attempt to illicit help from the man, impersonated Bree. However, Darrak displayed a portion of his true strength and, as Kid attempted to flee, proceeded to knock the sorcerer out in one swift motion.

Whatever his past was and whoever he really is, its clear that Darrak Ammershad is not one to be underestimated.


Darrak Ammershad

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