Mysterious Monk


Quiet, reserved, yet frighteningly skillful, Del is an enigma even to her fellow Inner 8 members.

Standing at a taller than average at 5’11", Del has pale skin, dark short-cropped hair, and deep purple eyes with bright violet highlights that match the intricate web of faint violet tattoos that cover most of her body.
(Del’s Eyes)
She is slim and appears almost delicate in terms of build, but above all else she is stunningly, unbelievably beautiful, her features literally flawless. Forgoing the armor most members of the Inner 8 wear, Del wears thin yet practical leathers and cloths relying on her own skill for protection as befitting a monk.

Despite her appearance, Del is perhaps the most martially talented of the Silver Star’s Inner 8, as the Knights of Tempus have found out on multiple occasions. She generally displays a clam and measured appearance, even more so when she fights, each move she makes being calculated and precise. And yet, she still remains a mystery, never having conversed with any of the Knights of Tempus.

Whatever her motivations may be, Del is not one to be taken lightly.



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