Captian of The Blind


The traitorous former first mate of The Blind under Deckard, Cresten is powerful and sinister.

A pirate through and through, Cresten is gritty and intense. He has a foul mouth and a foul personality to match.

Standing 4’9", Cresten is tall for a dwarf and is solidly built, his body clearly reflects a hard life of constant labor on the seas. He has flaming red braided mohawk and a wild beard to match, both heighting the darkness of his coal black eyes. Covered in scars and blue inked tatooes, Cresten cuts an imposing figure, especially as one gets to know him.

Objectively, Cresten makes an ideal first mate: approaching his job with a frightening intensity, inspiring loyalty in his crew and fear in his enemies. In terms of combat, he is near unmatched, carving through trained Dorwinian officers and helpless civilians with equal ease. While serving as Deckard’s first mate, the two made a formidable pair, Deckard picking off enemies from afar and Cresten slaughtering those who came too close.

This partnership, though benificial to both sides, ultimately unraveled as Cresten overthrew Deckard, claiming ownership of his vessel and crew, leaving him for dead and adrift in the sea. Since then, he has aledgedly traded his old crew for a new one loyal to him and not their former captain and traded his allegance from the Salt Blood Alliance to the Dorwinian Navy. It is clear though, wherever he goes, a trail of blood and tears follow as he is not one to be ignored or opposed; Cresten posses a martial prowess that is rarely seen in the world.

However, perhaps even more dangerous than his twin flaming swords, Cresten possesses an insatiable, unending ambition. Though his ultimate goal remains a mystery, it is clear that the traitorous first mate will stop at nothing to achieve it.

“My old first mate. He is a dwarf of exceptional strength and wields two flaming swords. Although he is an awful piece of shit, he does have one redeeming factor: he let me live after his mutiny.”

— Deckard



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