The young ranger with a strange power


Caresse is the Wild embodied.

Passionate, opinionated, and above all (pardon the pun) Fiery, Caresse is determined and strong willed. Though 14 years in age, Caresse appears to onlookers as a 20 something, rather attractive, human female. She has nearly glowing bronze skin, deep and hypnotic violet eyes, and rose-golden hair that flows with each step as if it were alive. She wears simple clothes made from hides and plant material of Elven design and carries an intricately carved Elven longbow. On each of her palms a red inked symbol of a rose stands out against her bronze skin, the origin points of her inexplicable flaming powers.

Many have underestimated this odd ranger, thinking she too young, too delicate to pose much of a threat. Those who have made that mistake have quickly found themselves riddled with arrows or burnt to a crisp; Caresse, though gentle and good at heart, will not hesitate to end those who threaten her, threaten her friends, or stand in the way of her and her goal.

Barbarians beware: Caresse is coming for you.



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