The Elven Witch


Supporting a look of perpetual happy-go-lucky innocence, Azreal seems to most a young, carefree nonthreatening girl. A small masked black bird, known to her friends as Abaddon, follows her wherever she goes, never more than a few meters away. With blond messy hair and pale skin befitting that of the wood elf, Azreal wears tattered, well worn clothing, entirely made from natural fibers and animal hide and travels the world expecting the best from people, treating every experience she goes through as novel and exciting; Marhalla Is a harsh and unforgiving world and the optimism and enthusiasm Azreal displays is rare indeed.

To many a would be attacker, Azreal seems to be an easy target of both manipulation and physical harm. However, as the S.H.I.T.S. and all those who have tried in the past know, the innocent and carefree facade hides a powerful, capable and truly terrifying witch. As many a fallen bandit, dragon, and daemon can attest, innocence does not mean ignorance.



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