Atticus Flabberdash

Former Navigator of the Blind, Deckard's Squire


Atticus is average height and weight for a halfling. He is easilly recognizable by his hook hand and distinct glass goggles that he wears almost constantly, magnifying his eyes to a comical degree. He carries a rusted rapier, and across his back hangs a blunderbuss almost as long as he is tall. The neck of this firearm is specially fitted to be compatible with a hook rather than a regular flesh hand. Though he once had a face that was young and full of life, years of substance abuse, despair, and lethargy have worn him down into a gruff, graying old soul.


Unremarkable in almost every way, Atticus was one of the countless orphans that infested the streets of Bayfalls. Informally adopted by the Blind Captain, Deckard (for reasons he never fully understood) Atticus was immersed in the pirate lifestyle at an unhealthily young age.

Working his way up from the lowly ranks of deckhand and cabin boy, he eventually won Deckard’s favor over many other crew mates, able to withstand the crude captain’s constant barrage of insults and emotional abuse with surprising fortitude and an almost masochistic glee. As a result, he eventually earned the privilege of serving as the legendary gunman’s personal squire, spotting enemies for the Captain to dispatch with his pepperbox and tending to Deckard’s every need outside of battle. Deckard even let him hold and clean the pepperbox once, and it was the happiest day of his life.

When Cresten mutinied and overthrew Captain Deckard, Atticus was the loudest voice of dissent amongst the crew. Intimidated into silence, he spent his time under Cresten’s rule secretly sabotaging the ship and doing his best to slow the mutineer’s efforts. Atticus was eventually caught and nearly executed, but spared in a rare display of mercy from Cresten (likely due to his age and popularity among the rest of the crew). As a result, only his hand was severed, and he was thrown overboard, along with the other Deckard loyalists.

Driven by his neverending admiration for his supposedly-martyred former captain, Atticus set out to build a pepperbox on his own. He failed time and time again, as he did with most things. However, after years of futile effort, he was able to construct his own crude, barely-functioning version of the infamous pistol: a “blunderbuss,” a noisy and cumbersome firearm that could fire dozens of pellets at once, at a reduced range and accuracy and significant knockback.

Atticus’ almost obsessive admiration of his captain, coupled with his surprisingly average intelligence and years of experience running day-to-day ship operations, makes him a deadly opponent on deck. He is incredibly lithe and acrobatic, able to move across even the most unsteady deck and scale mazes of ship lines with incredible ease, despite being crippled.

On land, he is useless in almost every conceivable way, and as a result usually resorts to drinking and singing Deckard’s praises.

Atticus Flabberdash

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