Arwedhen Galandarion

The Griffin Rider


Arwedhen is the member of the Silver Star’s Inner 8 the Knights of Tempus know the least about.

Standing at a slim 6’2", Arwedhen is rather attractive. As typical of an elf, Arwedhen has slim and elegant features, a fair complexion and caramel brown longer than average hair that matches his eyes. His armor is lighter than average, only providing him with minimal protection. and he carries only a few weapons to compliment his magical abilities and flying Griffon mount.

The only member of the Inner 8 that uses Arcane magic, Arwedhen possess a pride in himself that borders arrogance, his personality only just reigned in by Max. However, despite this flaw, Arwedhen is calm in battle and rational enough to know when he is beaten and a fight is no longer worth fighting.


Arwedhen Galandarion

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