Arry Shadowdancer



Lean, weathered and uncompromising, Arry Shadowdancer doesn’t make or keep many friends. Tall and gaunt, this vegetable merchant is wrinkled and grey, his face locked in what seems to be a perpetual scowl. By day, Arry runs a small stand in the Markets District of Stobrook that sells, well, vegetables. However there is far more to this man than meets the eye.

Before the arrival of Lady Stonefist, it was none other than Arry Shadowdancer that ruled supreme in the Bloodbowl of Stobrook and, as befitting a former champion and former member of Fari’s guild, has maintained the bulk of his skills, even in retirement.

Acting as both an enemy in combat and a valuable source of information, Shadowdancer is not an enjoyable enemy to have.


Arry Shadowdancer

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