Alstan Greymyre

First Mate of the Prophecy


Charming and professional, Alstan is every bit as loyal as he is good at his job.

A seaman through and through, Alstan stands at 3’2", has messy brown hair, twinkling blue eyes, a tanned completion and a youthful vigor about his expression. He wears functional breeches and boots, a comfortable shirt, and a salt stained shoulder cape, carrying a long rapier and a smaller dagger on his belt.

When Deckard “acquired” his new ship, The Prophecy, Alstan was one of the two crew members that came with it. Since owning the vessel, Alstan has preformed his first mate duties admirably; he is concise, knowledgeable, and loyal to his employer and captain, as well as having a decent sense of humor.

Though unproven in a true fight, Alstan seems to know what he is doing and is a true ally for those in need of a ship and with the right amount of coin.


Alstan Greymyre

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