Tales of Marhalla

Trial by Combat part 2

Season 2 Episode 2

The Blind Captain’s Missing History

During the middle of the battle, I read some of the documents I gathered on the Salt Blood Alliance. Since the books were alphabetically organized by ship captains, I noticed that my pages were torn out. For what reason, I of course do not know.

I read about a new ship sailing the oceans: The Ghost a mysterious ship with silk, transparent sails. It has never been inspected closely and appears in curious events. I will have to investigate this further.

The Trial

Okan may have been a difficult opponent for others, but I brought him down like every other foe I’ve faced. However, I believe the warp in time has ruined my skills as the monk Del easily put me out of commission. Before I went down, I remember she redirected one of my bullets — something I’ve never seen before. The pain I felt was nothing like anything else. Once I awoke, the Silver Star were being cheered for as the winners.

The Lord’s Request

After a brilliant manipulation of words, Kid convinced the Silver Star and the world to have us as their allies and not criminals. The Knights of Tempest are now a unified and recognized force in Dorwine. As for the Lord over the arena, he told us about a plague ruining the nearby farmland. Naturally, the Lord asked us to fix the plague ruining the food in return for making the arena private for a few rounds.

The Ruins

We arrived at the ruins. Animated bodies of broken bones, rotted flesh and bile roamed the fields of the ruins. We attempted to position ourselves in a position to attack the Undead as well as have another team flank them. The plan failed and we went through a gruesome battle to come face to face with a figure that seemed to be a Necromancer. After a while, the spellcaster disappeared. His disappearance took the Undead life force out of the bodies. The bodies fell limp and we climbed the battlements. What we saw inside the walls was something purely unnatural.


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