Tales of Marhalla

Into the Oubliette

The Wolf of Scars

After we collected ourselves from saving the girl, someone noticed that the Wolf of Scars was coming our way. We immediately sprang into action. After an intense battle, we killed the werewolf sergeant.

After our victory, we met someone from the Magocracy. He attempted to have us assist in securing an alliance with the Dorwinian Empire for the Magocracy to take out the Salt Blood Alliance.

I can’t seem to remember what came of it.

The Descent

After a short while, we learned of Vilkas’s whereabouts. He lies in the Underdark beneath the island that we fought the Hydra on.

Once we found the entrance and started our descent, we came to a door with six faces. Each face had a riddle for us to solve for passage. Fortunately, we answered 5 riddles with our wit, and divine inspiration (Ellie). The last face shocked us and brought us down some health.

The Underdark

Tessera led us through her old lands as her Drow self. As Kid and I stumbled through the underdark behind her, a Drow called out to us.

The Drow seemed to know the Therandwell line and in turn, suspected Tessera to be the missing one through the conversation they had in Undercommon.

Someone is paying for the missing Therandwell girl to be killed, and that’s what that Drow endeavored to do.

Kid, Tessera, and I sprang into action in response to his hostility and easily dispatched them as Zhen, Lysav, and Azrael managed to join us at the right moment.

The Boneyard

After the battle, we collected ourselves and decided to use Estelle to track Vilkas. The large wolf led us to a sort of cave system with silk webbings covering the whole place. This is what the locals call the Boneyard.

Within the cave system are disgusting worm like creatures of varying sizes. The silk itself was magically imbued with the ability to turn into hard steel. Some of the silk webbings were in the process of that and hindered our movement through the cave system.

We fought extremely large worms in which Caresse caught up with us to assist us very much so. With nearly all the Knights together, we moved forward.

Caresse’s Death

As we continued forward, we encountered a spellcaster. We attempted to proceed past with no aggression, but the spellcaster thought we would be better as sacrifices. Battle ensued.

As the battle went on, we were slowly losing our ground and morale. It seemed that all would be lost — the spellcaster managed to complete a ritual to create an overwhelming amount of fire elementals, as well as a gargantuan one.

To make it worse, the spellcaster brought lava from the ceiling, causing the cave to be unstable and drop large rocks onto the field of battle as well as create pools of lava.

In trying to dodge the falling rocks, and lava from the ceiling we decided to start a retreat.

However, the only way out was through.

Caresse quickly chose us over herself by smashing a magical stone that we received a few adventures ago. The stone allowed her to dominate and control all the elementals into getting out of our way at the cost of her not being able to move or else break her focus of controlling them.

We ran as the cave system collapsed and lava fell. The spellcaster didn’t seem to care about his actions. Another zealot for another god I suppose.

Our last sight of Caresse was lava pouring directly onto her — but she held her ground to keep focusing on controlling the fire elementals to stay out of the way.

The rest of us managed to barely make it out, at a tremendous cost in which neither skill, Jashin, or regular magic could have saved us from. A Knight has been lost.


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