Tales of Marhalla

A Dividing Line

Are we the good guys or the bad guys?

I’ve had horrible dreams of demons ever since those three pledged themselves to that crazy man’s God. I’m not quite sure what exactly Kid was thinking, but now he, Caresse, and our new ally Ragwolf are followers of the arch-demon Jashin. Initially I was convinced it was because of our unfortunate circumstances… but they seem to be much more interested in this cult than they admit… It’s not the most famous of religious followings, but perhaps the most fanatic. I don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into. But worse is that they are actually going through with sacrificing blood to the demon.

I’ve been keeping an eye on them and it’s been genuinely… unsettling. Kid is the most fanatic of the three… There’s an unusual ferocity in his eyes lately towards me when I warn them of the dangers of following an evil being. Fighting between kid and I is not unusual, but now there’s a hunger for power behind those eyes that is much more apparent than before. In the bar the other night, he summoned a horse just to see if its bones were as big as one Estelle had recieved. However, he forgot to kill the thing before stabbing into it’s legs… Gives me shivers.

After the last fight, Caresse seems to be more on board with Jashin’s power as well. I don’t think they know that this path leads down an Evil path. And even more disturbing is that they don’t realize beyond death, their resting place will be on the planes. For all beings die. And the resting place for tainted souls is not a long visited one… Abaddon has told me that souls appear in the air on the lower planes only to be immediately torn apart or consumed mid-fall. I don’t know where Zhen and Lysav stand on this issue, but I’m surprised they aren’t actively opposed.

Best case scenario is they realize their dangerous positions and change their actions. I can’t watch my friends’ souls diminish. I won’t watch them become food for the devils, demons, or daemons that they are headed towards.

It’s certain that we will eventually reach an impasse. I see myself becoming more untrusting of my group. Our morals are ambiguous. We once fought for good. Now it’s for power.

There is far more evil in these cities than there was in the Darkwood… I once thought one should be most afraid of demons when one is alone in the dark of the woods… Now I wonder if it’s really when we are in a crowd that we should be most afraid… Abaddon never taught me these things.




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