Tales of Marhalla

A Curious Scroll

DM voice here guys

For those of you who have been in foreign countries, This is what happened in the last two sessions:

After the traumatic events of the Knights visiting Ach-rammahed, Jashin’s sacred re-birthing grounds and Kid’s subsequent departure, Lysav, Tessera, Azreal, Deckard, Raagwulf, and Sammy head in the direction they expect to find the caravan to rejoin their employers. Traveling for a few days through the Tengorn for the most part without indecent, the group agrees to allow Sammy to go on ahead, traveling faster on his own, to find and meet up with his side-kicks Davie and Rove, who would presumably be with the convoy, and return to lead the rest of the Knights back on track to the caravan.

The remaining members continue to make progress through the woods relying on nature knowlege and rations possessed by Tessera and cabins created by Azreal to survive quite comfortably for a full week before discovering an abandoned cabin. As the sun sets and the group confirms the cabin is in fact abandoned, the Knights, rather than destroying the already built and furnished cabin only to build another with Azreal’s Magic, decide to spend the night in the cabin they had discovered.

The next morning, the Elven members (save Sammy) awake and found bloody evidence, including several brutally slaughtered would-be thieves, of Raagwulf and Deckard’s would be kidnapping at the hands of hulking unknown humanoids. Following the clues in the blood around the cabin, the Trio, Lysav, Azreal, and Tessera, find and utilize the Infernal portal required to find the kidnap-ees, paying a price to the The Dark Prince Asmodeus himself in the process.

After quickly defeating a Tribe of local Goblin hunters on the other side of the portal, the three learn from Griphook, their new unlikely goblin ally, that Raagwulf and Deckard had been taken by a number of Trolls and were located in ruins less than a mile away. Following Griphook to the outskirts of the Troll’s encampment, the Trio ambush and slay 5 troll hunters and their chief Grishtashk the Armored, rescuing Deckard and Raagwulf in the process.

After looting the bodies of the trolls (you found 6,000 worth of gold pieces and an + 2 Oversized Black Iron Buckler, by the way) a strange white light the size of a peach shines with blinding intensity for an instant and wicks out of existence, dropping a thick scroll with an ornate golden seal.


This is what was written on it:

End of DM voice

Dear Azreal,

Firstly I do dearly hope this is Azreal reading this but in the case it is not, this story probably would not make much sense.

Firstly, if you don’t recognize my penmanship, I am Rarder of Rarder’s Mystical Quill. This odd gift is my way fixing a mistake I made and pain I caused you.

Lets see, all of this started when I gave you that book, the Lexicon Almanac. I’m ashamed to admit this but I wasn’t straight forward with you about the ancient text.

You see, the Lexicon is an Aboleth text, an ancient and maliciously wise race of monsters skilled in magic. They Zealously hoard and collect all knowledge and place a powerful curse on all texts they create. The curse is a small one but it allows for the hive minded Aboleth to find you anywhere and everywhere you run for as long as the book remains in your possession.

I had heard of the curse and was warned by the man I purchased the Almanac from to not open the text but I did not believe in such things and read the book. The knowledge was plentiful but scattered, fragmented. It seems in a cruel irony the Aboleth made it so the book will only reveal its information to the owner of the text but it wont reveal all its contents to those who bear the curse. As I witnessed one part of the curse happening before my eyes I panicked.

Seeking only to selfishly pass the curse on as quickly as possible, I gave you, the only one in Stobrook that had shown any interest, the cursed tome. I was a coward, and for a long time my life was wracked with guilt and paranoia. I spent a lot of time staring from the docks into the flowing waters of the river waiting for the Aboleth to drag me to hell like I deserved.

It took until I heard a most interesting gossip around the blood bowl about a month after you had left the town: The Shits had appeared in Latun dragging an Aboleth corpse in the water behind their ship! I realized that I was successful in transferring the curse to you and my betrayal was complete. I was free but I had potentially doomed you who had done nothing to deserve the wrath of the Aboleth.

I then made up my mind to right the wrongs I had done and fix my mistake.

The Next morning I set out to Latun to find and tell you everything, as well as take back the curse I had given. However, when I arrived some two months later, you and your Knights of Tempus had left and I had missed my chance. I got, well, rather drunk at a local establishment that night and started voicing my concerns to the fellow on the stool beside me, an odd fellow named Pulfirce. As we began talking, he told me that he knew and was very familiar with a member of the Knights, the man Deckard. He also assured me that he had a piece of metal that was a missing part to an unfinished piece of complex machinery the he was quite certain Deckard had with him.

I had tried scrying your group earlier, before I left Stobrook in fact, but I didn’t get the opportunity to know any of you all that well so I had been up until this point unsuccessful, and Aboleth texts are naturally guarded against divination magics.

However, with Pulfirce’s metal though, I could scry Deckard. I spent the next month or so working with one of Pulfrice’s friends, a man named Einior, to develop this scroll while we prepared the ritual needed to make it work.

DM voice again

the next two passages look incredibly rushed excited, clearly fresh as well

DM voice removed, back to the message.

This morning, the scroll was finally finished and the ritual ready but when I scryed Deckard to Teleport it to you, he was encased in darkness. I panicked and nearly gave up. I have set my self to try again in the afternoon just in-case.

I see him! And Azreal you are with Him! That is a lot of blood. Is that a Troll? Never mind. What is important is this: If you sign your name Azreal at the bottom of the scroll, you will magically pass the curse of the Aboleth back to me. Don’t worry, I am ready to defend myself and it is my responsibility. However, the unique way we created the contract will still make you the last one to open the text. Meaning, from this point on, you will have complete access to all information of the book at your disposal. I am sorry for endangering you or your friends but please sign soon. Else the magic will collapse and all of this will be for nothing.


DM Interlude Again

And now Azreal, it is up to you. Obviously, since this is not in session, I can’t make Azreal’s actions realistically time dependent, so instead you have 24 hours (Days?) to say what Azreal does.

Into the Oubliette

The Wolf of Scars

After we collected ourselves from saving the girl, someone noticed that the Wolf of Scars was coming our way. We immediately sprang into action. After an intense battle, we killed the werewolf sergeant.

After our victory, we met someone from the Magocracy. He attempted to have us assist in securing an alliance with the Dorwinian Empire for the Magocracy to take out the Salt Blood Alliance.

I can’t seem to remember what came of it.

The Descent

After a short while, we learned of Vilkas’s whereabouts. He lies in the Underdark beneath the island that we fought the Hydra on.

Once we found the entrance and started our descent, we came to a door with six faces. Each face had a riddle for us to solve for passage. Fortunately, we answered 5 riddles with our wit, and divine inspiration (Ellie). The last face shocked us and brought us down some health.

The Underdark

Tessera led us through her old lands as her Drow self. As Kid and I stumbled through the underdark behind her, a Drow called out to us.

The Drow seemed to know the Therandwell line and in turn, suspected Tessera to be the missing one through the conversation they had in Undercommon.

Someone is paying for the missing Therandwell girl to be killed, and that’s what that Drow endeavored to do.

Kid, Tessera, and I sprang into action in response to his hostility and easily dispatched them as Zhen, Lysav, and Azrael managed to join us at the right moment.

The Boneyard

After the battle, we collected ourselves and decided to use Estelle to track Vilkas. The large wolf led us to a sort of cave system with silk webbings covering the whole place. This is what the locals call the Boneyard.

Within the cave system are disgusting worm like creatures of varying sizes. The silk itself was magically imbued with the ability to turn into hard steel. Some of the silk webbings were in the process of that and hindered our movement through the cave system.

We fought extremely large worms in which Caresse caught up with us to assist us very much so. With nearly all the Knights together, we moved forward.

Caresse’s Death

As we continued forward, we encountered a spellcaster. We attempted to proceed past with no aggression, but the spellcaster thought we would be better as sacrifices. Battle ensued.

As the battle went on, we were slowly losing our ground and morale. It seemed that all would be lost — the spellcaster managed to complete a ritual to create an overwhelming amount of fire elementals, as well as a gargantuan one.

To make it worse, the spellcaster brought lava from the ceiling, causing the cave to be unstable and drop large rocks onto the field of battle as well as create pools of lava.

In trying to dodge the falling rocks, and lava from the ceiling we decided to start a retreat.

However, the only way out was through.

Caresse quickly chose us over herself by smashing a magical stone that we received a few adventures ago. The stone allowed her to dominate and control all the elementals into getting out of our way at the cost of her not being able to move or else break her focus of controlling them.

We ran as the cave system collapsed and lava fell. The spellcaster didn’t seem to care about his actions. Another zealot for another god I suppose.

Our last sight of Caresse was lava pouring directly onto her — but she held her ground to keep focusing on controlling the fire elementals to stay out of the way.

The rest of us managed to barely make it out, at a tremendous cost in which neither skill, Jashin, or regular magic could have saved us from. A Knight has been lost.

Silver Star Field Report: Entry IV
Lightbringer's Folly

4021: The Time of End, The Week of Aroden, The Day of Battle

Comrade Wolfsbane,

I’ve been in Latun for several days now, and even within the city walls I can sense the panic which my lycanthropic brethren have wrought throughout the country. Like you and the rest of the Inner Eight, I see grave doom if the wrath of the werewolves is not met with the most glorious of battles. If we are to prevail, we must strike soon, without mercy and fear.

And yet, I have my doubts about this “Super High Intensity Team.” Apparently, they unleashed much of the chaos by freeing the most dangerous werewolves in the realm on a whim. When they stand trial, they will be judged for their crime, but I do not yet believe that punishing these criminals will be enough to stop the werewolf army.

Unlike the Silver Star, the werewolves do not waste time capturing and judging pawns. Their cruelty is swift, their judgment absolute. They will only grow more powerful the longer we wait, until soon there will be no hope. Why, then, has Lightbringer sent me on this fool’s errand? I care not for Vilkus’ orders to divert the adventurers to some insignificant island while the forces of our enemy amass strength and destroy what little I have left to hold dear.

I do not anticipate any complications with the so-called “Shits.” I will perform Vilkus’ errand quickly enough, and when I return to Latun with the Super High Intensity Team, I would have words with you and Commander Brightblade about what we have to do.

I will lay waste to the Werewolf Army. I will unseat the Werewolf King. Or I will die in glory.

Raagwulf Bloodbeard

The Book of Zhen

Master Anijen always said that those whose minds linger in the past are unprepared for what is to come. Master Kazzan disagreed. He said that the past is precious, fleeting; that time was cyclical as the Sun. Just as Ouroboros will devour his tale for all eternity, that which has occurred will recur, that which is born will always die, but be born again. The blood of our ancestors is more than dust.

It is written.

Forgive me, Anijen, but circumstances have forced my hand. Kazzan is right: the history of our culture must be preserved, and I find myself in the unfortunate circumstance of being the sole vessel of our endangered worship. For this reason, I have taken it upon myself to begin chronicling both my own journey and the teachings of our people. Through me, the Temple of the Sun was razed, but I will salvage what I can from the ashes. Through me, my Masters will be reborn.

And at the very least, perhaps this will help me improve my calligraphy.

Alstan's Log

Date: Time of Starsong, Week of Dondarial, Day of Calm.
Location: around 40 miles off-shore of Latun.

Gods help me Captian Deckard, what the hell kind of ship were you running before the prophecy?
Now i consider myself a patient and understanding fellow.
I’ve sailed with mercs, smugglers, fugatives, and holy men and through it all, I’ve always tried to be open and accommodating with my fellow crew; for gods sake, my longest standing crew mate is a bloody four armed giant muscle head with the brains of a very clever ogre and he’s my best friend! But this crew capitan….

They are something else.

Immediately upon setting out, the crew acted as if they had seen the face of Sarenrae herself they were so happy. I swear Congrin must have climbed up and down the main mast at least a dozen times, Jack and Atticus changed who was manning the helm almost as often, Bambi seemed determined to out-pace Gorn on the oars, and Tirin, with that bloody foul mouthed bird of hers, just stood there out on the deck laughing for a few hours. Even that sour old man Alistair was beaming the whole time.

I don’t know where the Captian found these people, but its pretty clear they haven’t been at sea for quite some time. That being said, its becoming increasingly obvious that they know what they are doing.

The ship is running smoothly and the crew works well toghther; with Bambi helping on the oars, we made it out of sight of Latun in only a few hours, following the coast north.

Last night, Tirin impressed me by turning the salted beef Gorn and I have been living on for the past few years into something actually quite delicious.

Jack taught Gorn a shanty and the big fellow gave the first mate a hug that nearly crushed him.

Bambi, much to Gorn’s delight, challenged him to a wrestling match which was much closer a match than I thought it would be; she’s one tough lady that’s for sure.

Alistair and Congrin entertained him further with a story of “the good old days” back when they sailed under The Blind Captian. I still remember the way the big guy’s eyes lit up.

But above all else, they all drank. Even Atticus, barely taller then me, drank almost as much as Gorn did. I half feared for the safety of the ship, but they all fell asleep soon enough, almost comfoted by the swaying of the sea (note to self, ask the Captian to invest in a cabin or two, maybe a crew quarters.)

This morning, we crossed into unclaimed waters and are now no longer in Dorwinian controlled seas. I only know this because as soon as we did, Tirin let out a hoot and produced a green liquid that smelled like the stuff you’d see in an alchemy shop used to preserve troll eyes, and proceeded to drink the whole thing.

Whatever happens now, whatever lies in store for us going forward, with this crew I’m only sure of one thing:

It won’t be a dull affair.

Kid's Journal

No matter what I do, it feels like I’m only growing further away from these people I want so desperately to call my friends. I wasn’t born with Lysav’s looks, Zhen’s strength, or Deckard’s confidence. I don’t possess Tessera’s moral compass, Caresse’s sense of purpose, or Azrael’s good heart, and it’s no use pretending I’m better than I am. Long ago, my words became my sword and my shield – cutting scraps of bread out of a merchant’s good heart, protecting me against the slurs of my betters. Sons walking with their fathers would glance at me laying in an alley and sneer at how weak and alone I looked. So I hardened my heart against them, turning my rage inward. If they were going to look down upon me anyway, so be it. It’s better that they never see my weakness.

My father raped my mother and left her to die. My first act in this world was to take her life as she birthed me, her last breath cursing me and leaving me nameless. This group of people is the first family that I’ve ever known, and so I’ve tried to protect them the only way I know how – with my words. Striking deals with Farri, talking our way out of execution, bargaining with Max at the arena, getting information from the velvet dagger, even selling my soul to a demon god to save the lives of three of our members. That’s the only thing I can do to help, and they hate me for it, reviling me at every turn for the choices I’ve made.

But I stand behind those choices because we’re all still alive. I don’t do good things because “they’re the right thing to do.” I can’t prove I’m a good person through selfless desires, like saving an innkeepers boy or putting my life on the line for a random girl we find in the woods. I take whatever course of action I think will help the people I love survive. And I know I get a lot of things wrong. But Caresse and I would have died in that last fight if not for Jashin’s power. And if we had died, Azrael would have died. And if she had died, Deckard and Tessera and Estelle would have died too. And I won’t allow that to happen, even if it destroys my immortal soul.

But I won’t allow that to happen either. I will keep fighting, using every tool at my disposal – my words, my blood oath, and this growing draconic magic I barely understand which scares me even more than it does my allies. In the heat of battle, it’s like my nightmares congeal around me, and a primal lust for power and revenge springs forth. I think of my faceless father, that guard captain, and the man from my dreams who bites into my neck with his humming blade… But one day I will become powerful enough to control this magic. Powerful enough to wrench my soul back from Jashin’s clutches. Powerful enough to take the revenge that is my only birthright. But until then I will use this power to defend the only family I’ve ever had.

And yet… maybe they don’t want me to. They clearly distrust me. All I want is their approval. For one of them to tell me I’m worth something. I want them to recognize that I care in my own way. That I’m a good person. But they only make me feel terrible. Unnecessary at best, evil at worst. And when I feel that way I lash out with my wit, and it only pushes us further away. The ultimate irony is that perhaps I got too good at pretending I don’t care, pretending to be so glib all the time, and now my traveling companions can’t see how deeply they matter to me. Or maybe they do see and it doesn’t matter to them. Maybe going without friends for so long, without knowing what it means to love or be loved, made me care too much – more than anybody should – about my friends. I wish I didn’t because it tears me up inside.

I allowed myself to believe that this group of people was my future, but maybe I was just imagining that they care about me because I wished for it so desperately. There I go again, caring more than I should and pretending I don’t and messing it all up for myself. I’m caught between two extremes – of wanting to know them forever, and wanting to walk away here and now. I love them so much that the last thing I ever want is for them to see through my smug facade and laugh at the scared child lying in an alleyway.

I’m so exhausted of living this way, because I know it’s my fault for feeling like this. I just don’t know how to be different. So I’ll keep fighting for them until my spirit breaks. There’s nothing else I can do.

Time to Reflect

I look around the cottage Azrael constructed for us. Here we are safe and warm. Protected by magic, and our weapons. I put a lot of trust in my wit and inventions, but nothing besides my friends kept me alive during the battle against Jashin’s follower.

The Moment I Died

It’s difficult to believe everything that people say. One thing I do believe is the common flashbacks people experience. People say that your life will flash before your eyes before you die.

It certainly does.

I remembered growing up in Bayfalls. There I crewed various types of ships and learned how to live free from Dorwine’s grasp. It was nice. I could smell Bayfalls again. Once I obtained the Blind, it was nicer. I must admit, I did many evil things under the Salt Blood name. To be honest, I enjoyed them. I suppose that makes me as bad as Jashin. My flashbacks turned to be about my crew members.

I remembered that I picked Cresten over Jack because I knew Cresten could fight and bring some more tough sailors aboard as the Dorwinian Navy began to start hunting us. I thought it would be a good decision as more hands to fight was always a good thing. Cresten taught me that malicious intent hides in good actions.

I remember one night, we laid anchor nearby an unmarked sandbar. We decided it had been a while since sand touched our toes, and so the crew and I disembarked. Cresten stayed behind along with his loyal men.

However, I paid no attention to these warning signs of his mutiny because I laughed, drank, and caroused with my crew until the sunrise. Atticus, the poor lad, still trying to impress me. I let him hold my pepperbox for the night.

Tirin and Bambi were in some sort of strength contest to see who could skip a crab across the water the most. Bambi seemed like she was holding back, but still had fun — so did Tirin. Jack led the other crew in a shanty for our luck and fortune. Congrin and others danced around the fire to his voice.

It was on this night that Alistair warned me of his distrust over Cresten. I paid him no attention, as much as I saw him as my equal. Alistair’s words were weightless and unheard.

I should have listened. I could be back there with them, still laughing and having fun. Cresten’s body at the seafloor..

Except, then, my eyes shut and I fell. I shot at Jashin and for some reason I took the hit, along with every punch, stab, arrow and slash my allies made.

I kept falling, and falling until suddenly I woke up.

This time I remembered the mutiny.

It was a dreary day. Almost a week since we visited that sandbar. I hadn’t seen even Atticus smile when he gave me my pepperbox that morning. The only focus that day was on the merchant vessel that Lysav Morket sailed on.

I was disgusted with myself. My crew was in low spirits and we were close to the heart of the great Dorwine Empire. My crew didn’t deserve to go for so long without a good raid. The Elven merchant ship would be scuttled and all its goods stowed away on the Blind. I even planned to give the booty to the crew and none to myself.

When I gave the order to attack the Elven ship at the bow, the sky turned black. The sea became blood, and blue lightning cracked down. I turned to see the comfort of familiar faces but saw only Cresten. He looked taller as he stood atop the stern where the wheel was fixed. Fire danced on his twin swords as he yelled unintelligible words at me. The sea became rougher than any storm I’ve sailed in, and the Blind capsized. I saw every face of my crew drown alongside me. They wouldn’t stop expelling their air reserves at me. Each one of them yelling until they drowned at me, while I held my breath and tried to survive.

Except I woke up. I saw the morning sun. The yelling of Lysav’s voice, and spells being cast. I was stuck in webbing, and I remembered where I was. I couldn’t save my crew from a mutinous 1st mate, but I could save this one.

I fired my gun.

I blacked out once more, only to regain consciousness as I witnessed Kid, Caresse, and Raagwulf pledge themselves to Jashin. A demon. I hated Kid. He wouldn’t know what it’s like to live with a past as evil as mine. He may appreciate the powers he has now, but he should never have convinced Caresse and Raagwulf to join him.

We should have all gone down that day, but we lived. We live divided — at our throats for who is good and who is evil. I can’t play a part in this, but I know that Jashin is another name I’m placing on my bullets. I failed my crew, no matter how evil they were, they didn’t deserve that. I will not fail this one.

The Blind

Once I returned to Latun, I ventured to the Salty Nook. There I found another piece of the map concerning the Pillars. Yet another pillar connected to where the Briarwoods abducted us all those years ago.

More importantly, I found the piece of the map with my old crew. They’ve not changed much. They were stunned about my character as well. I thought they were dead, but no. They spoke of the Blind Captain as if he weren’t a traitor. I quickly gave them jobs on the Prophecy and made Jack the rightful 1st mate. It doesn’t matter that Alstan was the 1st. I won’t make another mistake like I did with Cresten.

I sent off the new, fully crewed Prophecy out to make money for themselves and returned to the other Knights.

The Sergeant

Eldor, of the Silver Star, revealed to us that they were led into a trap. Fearing that they can’t trust anyone to deliver information, Eldor, personally, came and requested that we head East to intercept the Wolf of Scars’s werewolf party.

We obliged as honor dictated it and headed East through the cold Dorwinian countryside.

A day’s travel led us to hear a woman’s screaming. We immediately set forth to rescue someone in need. The battle ended with Azrael teetering close to death. Kid and Caresse’s devotion to Jashin was what saved us all however. That, and another soul eater — this time sent from, “D.B.”

Except this soul eater was meant to keep us alive. Caresse and Kid dispatched the Bugbear/Goblin bodies and sent them to Jashin as the woman who’s vocal cords were cut fainted from the sight of us and our methods.

She fainted because she saw monsters, not heroes.

Perhaps Eldor came to us because monsters are the best monster hunters.

Kid works on his new bandana, Raagwulf rests on the bunk as I assume Lysav meditates on another. Zhen and Caresse stand watch outside as Azrael sleeps on her own bunk. Tessera takes care to sleep by a window to keep watch on her wolf as she watches over us as well.

I think I’ll take the top bunk over Lysav, so everyone is in view.

I wonder if I’ll face another mutiny sometime soon.

A Dividing Line
Are we the good guys or the bad guys?

I’ve had horrible dreams of demons ever since those three pledged themselves to that crazy man’s God. I’m not quite sure what exactly Kid was thinking, but now he, Caresse, and our new ally Ragwolf are followers of the arch-demon Jashin. Initially I was convinced it was because of our unfortunate circumstances… but they seem to be much more interested in this cult than they admit… It’s not the most famous of religious followings, but perhaps the most fanatic. I don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into. But worse is that they are actually going through with sacrificing blood to the demon.

I’ve been keeping an eye on them and it’s been genuinely… unsettling. Kid is the most fanatic of the three… There’s an unusual ferocity in his eyes lately towards me when I warn them of the dangers of following an evil being. Fighting between kid and I is not unusual, but now there’s a hunger for power behind those eyes that is much more apparent than before. In the bar the other night, he summoned a horse just to see if its bones were as big as one Estelle had recieved. However, he forgot to kill the thing before stabbing into it’s legs… Gives me shivers.

After the last fight, Caresse seems to be more on board with Jashin’s power as well. I don’t think they know that this path leads down an Evil path. And even more disturbing is that they don’t realize beyond death, their resting place will be on the planes. For all beings die. And the resting place for tainted souls is not a long visited one… Abaddon has told me that souls appear in the air on the lower planes only to be immediately torn apart or consumed mid-fall. I don’t know where Zhen and Lysav stand on this issue, but I’m surprised they aren’t actively opposed.

Best case scenario is they realize their dangerous positions and change their actions. I can’t watch my friends’ souls diminish. I won’t watch them become food for the devils, demons, or daemons that they are headed towards.

It’s certain that we will eventually reach an impasse. I see myself becoming more untrusting of my group. Our morals are ambiguous. We once fought for good. Now it’s for power.

There is far more evil in these cities than there was in the Darkwood… I once thought one should be most afraid of demons when one is alone in the dark of the woods… Now I wonder if it’s really when we are in a crowd that we should be most afraid… Abaddon never taught me these things.



The Ruins of Old Latun
Season 2 Episode 3

The Fountain of the Undead

Beyond the walls, we found a fountain of corruption. Lysav, Kid and Tessera set out to purify it but figures of evil rose to protect what I presumed to be their home. A large monster swiped out at Lysav and Tessera. Lysav, caught off balance, throws in a purifying marble causing the goop in the fountain to turn to water. Before anyone noticed, Tessera was taken into the fountain.

The Pillar

A burned note.

The Salt Blood Alliance

Grand Admiral Lord Barst. Silent Sister. The Blind. BLue

Oral pirate. People believe the Blind Captain is a dwarf.

Trial by Combat part 2
Season 2 Episode 2

The Blind Captain’s Missing History

During the middle of the battle, I read some of the documents I gathered on the Salt Blood Alliance. Since the books were alphabetically organized by ship captains, I noticed that my pages were torn out. For what reason, I of course do not know.

I read about a new ship sailing the oceans: The Ghost a mysterious ship with silk, transparent sails. It has never been inspected closely and appears in curious events. I will have to investigate this further.

The Trial

Okan may have been a difficult opponent for others, but I brought him down like every other foe I’ve faced. However, I believe the warp in time has ruined my skills as the monk Del easily put me out of commission. Before I went down, I remember she redirected one of my bullets — something I’ve never seen before. The pain I felt was nothing like anything else. Once I awoke, the Silver Star were being cheered for as the winners.

The Lord’s Request

After a brilliant manipulation of words, Kid convinced the Silver Star and the world to have us as their allies and not criminals. The Knights of Tempest are now a unified and recognized force in Dorwine. As for the Lord over the arena, he told us about a plague ruining the nearby farmland. Naturally, the Lord asked us to fix the plague ruining the food in return for making the arena private for a few rounds.

The Ruins

We arrived at the ruins. Animated bodies of broken bones, rotted flesh and bile roamed the fields of the ruins. We attempted to position ourselves in a position to attack the Undead as well as have another team flank them. The plan failed and we went through a gruesome battle to come face to face with a figure that seemed to be a Necromancer. After a while, the spellcaster disappeared. His disappearance took the Undead life force out of the bodies. The bodies fell limp and we climbed the battlements. What we saw inside the walls was something purely unnatural.


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